Law Movie Review Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (One and a half stars)

Star Cast: Ragini Prajwal, Achyuth Kumar, Siri Prahlad, Likhith Kurba, Nagaraj Murthy, Rajesh Nataranga, Madhu Hegde, and ensemble

Director: Raghu Samarth

What’s Good: Tell me if you figure something out.

What’s Bad: Mockery of a crime as brutal as rape.

Loo Break: First it’s on OTT, second please take as many as you wish.


Watch or Not?: Well, if you can switch your brain off and watch a serious situation playing like a joke in front of you, All the best! Or else don’t.

User Rating:

A young law student claims that she has been gang-raped by 3 youngsters who come from powerful families. The story progresses, the law student fights her own case as she seeks justice. Twists and turns lead to a climax that is anything but fresh! I am going to try really hard to make sense out of what I have been through. Amazon Prime Video needs a wake-up call to know what they are backing. Let’s do this.

Law Movie Review: Ragini Prajwal's Debut Film Is A Victim Of Bad Writing
Law Movie Review: Ragini Prajwal’s Debut Film Is A Victim Of Bad Writing

Law Movie Review: Script Analysis

The film is written by Raghu Samarth, who is also the director. First of all, let’s get into the plot (or the lack of it). In the past few years, courtroom dramas where a woman is fighting for justice with her predators, as well as the corrupt system has been done several times. That too across the industries in the country.

When you are writing about a crime as heinous as gang rape, you keep the chills, thrills and seriousness most important of all intact. But Raghu Samarth, while trying to make it lighter introduces comedy, hear me out, not humour but comedy. And the irony is the central character played by Ragini Prajwal tells the people around her to be serious several times.

Law is highly ditched by bad writing. When it is visible that the twists were written on the sets, and actors are not even themselves convinced, me as an audience is even less invested. Like someone seriously thought a prosecutor could take a gun to the court and would try to kill evidence, like for real?

The twists, on the other hand, deserve an interrogation, so as to check the possibility of them.

Law Movie Review: Star Performance

As said, bad writing has killed Law brutally and nothing could revive it. Not even the actors trying damn hard. Ragini Prajwal is confident in her debut. The judge played by Mukhyamantri Chandru is a saving grace. But then they decided to give him a comic trail (yes, the judge hearing a gang rape case, has a comic trail) and defeated the purpose.

Rest all, do the job as instructed and well, that’s the best they could do. Can you imagine, the accused don’t even have a single concrete dialogue?

Law Movie Review: Direction, Music

Raghu Samarth who himself wrote this 2-hour confusing charade, also directed it, and what could he have done when the material itself was paper-thin. For instance, Nandini’s (Ragini) teacher and her daughter play a pivotal role. But their execution and contribution is nothing more than a clichéd happy family sequence.

Music plays no factor in this universe. Cinematography is as lazy as it could be. The sudden change in tone, movements and the abrupt cuts make this experience more unbearable.

Law Movie Review: The Last Word

Not that making lighter films about serious issues is a crime, but doing it irresponsibly without knowing the consequences is. Law makes a spoof out of a situation that is haunting us in real lives as well, and that turns us off.

Law Trailer

Law releases on 17th July, 2020.


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