Kesari Movie Review Quicker: The story starts with Havildar Ishar Singh (Akshay Kumar) disobeying the order of his British leader, in order to save an Afghani girl who faces injustice by her husband. The stubborn Ishar gets transferred to Saragarhi and that’s where he meets his team – 36 Sikh Regiment.

As Ishar marks his journey to Saragarhi, we are introduced to his wife Malko (Parineeti Chopra) through his imagination and a flashback sequence. First-half majorly concentrates on Ishar building up his image with his team and that’s where the screenplay dips. It takes a lot of times to come to the point and the unnecessary buildup is a spoilsport.

Kesari Movie Review Quicker
Kesari Movie Review Quicker: A Pumped-Up Akshay Kumar Narrates The Tale Of Bravery But…

The pace is the major issue till now and is because of it there’s not a sturdy establishment of the connect. There are few genuinely good moments but very rarely they add something substantial to the narration. Apart from all the negatives, Akshay Kumar is amazing as Ishar Singh. The interval point is very good and that evokes a hope of an audacious second half.


It’ informative and as Akshay Kumar recently at an event said how everyone needs to know about the story. He said, “It is sad that though the British celebrate Saragarhi Day, remembering the martyrs of the war, but we Indians do not know much about it. It is sad how an incident like this has got lost in the pages of history.”

Kesari is based on the 1897 Battle of Saragarhi, in which 21 Sikh soldiers of the British army fought 10,000 Afghan invaders. Directed by Anurag Singh, the film also stars actress Parineeti Chopra. It is due to release on Thursday.

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