Kaathal – The Core Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Mammootty, Jyothika, Sudhi Kozhikode, RS Panicker

Director: Jeo Baby

Kaathal – The Core Movie Review ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

What’s Good: It speaks human emotions without really expressing them in a language that many would understand, the language of love!

What’s Bad: Not many would really watch this for all the fluffed reasons best known to them

Loo Break: You’ll forget even to blink!

Watch or Not?: YES! YES! YES!

Available On: Theatrical release

Runtime: 1 hour 54 minutes

User Rating:

“Is this our party’s stand on love?” sweetly asks Mammootty’s Mathew from his political party member when he’s asked to unfairly solve an issue of a high-class girl marrying a guy from a different economic ground only for a chunk of votes from the family. Mathew is unsure of running for the by-elections because of the demons he’s facing, which he can’t even share with anyone, not even with the viewer watching his story.

September 6, 2018, was the historic date when Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was revoked, decriminalizing homosexuality, and this story is about a person who might have destroyed her life only to wait for this decision to come out. Nope, Omana (Jyothika) wasn’t waiting to unite with her loved one legally in front of the world, but she wanted to get out of her marriage of many years with Mathew.

Kaathal – The Core Movie Review ( Photo Credit – Mammootty Kampany / YouTube )

Kaathal – The Core Movie Review: Script Analysis

Adarsh Sukumaran (RDX, Neymar) & Paulson Skaria’s (Neymar) have penned a story that might sound just about right on paper. Still, the way it gets painted on screen, everything just helps to escalate the drama in the most minimalistic way possible. Divorce plays an important role in this & Director Jeo Baby’s previous gem, ‘The Great Indian Kitchen.’ Both times, it is about liberation, but the way both are incredibly different from each other only shows how imagination knows no bounds when it comes to portraying meaningful cinema.

Salu K. Thomas’ cinematography isn’t just to capture what’s happening on screen; it sometimes acts like another character conveying an unsaid message. The way the camera zooms out while Mathew has a word with his father only to show Omana’s state in a room beside them shows how the scenes are written, keeping cinematography in mind. The way the camera portrays the old, tired doors in sync with the tragedies of the characters’ lives is yet another masterful cinematic decision.

Kaathal – The Core Movie Review: Star Performance

Mammootty is 72, and NO ONE, I repeat, NOT A SINGLE actor from across the country, across the languages, can do what he has done. Not only playing such a meaningful character that might sound risky for all the wrong reasons to many but also putting money on the film shows how this man is living his love for cinema like no other. He uses his undying innocence and subtle charm as his strengths, delivering a performance that will be remembered for an eternity to come.

Jyothika stands out & how? The way she says things without any dialogue and lets the silence speak through her subtle expressions make her a silent warrior of this story. She keeps things minimal, and that’s what works for her.

Sudhi Kozhikode as Thanakan brings in the biggest heartbreak of the story for me. Like Omana, even though he doesn’t speak much, he portrays how shattered he’s from the inside because what’s happening will break even the hardest of rocks inside you. THERE IS NO WAY anyone could guess that this is RS Panicker’s first film if you’re not aware of him already. He plays Mathew’s father, making a gut-wrenching debut at the age of 74, proving how you’re always younger than your biggest dream.

Fun Fact: RS is 74, playing the role of Mammootty’s father, who himself is 72.

Kaathal – The Core Movie Review ( Photo Credit – Mammootty Kampany / YouTube )

Kaathal – The Core Movie Review: Direction, Music

Jeo Baby once again hits it outside the ground after The Great Indian Kitchen while he continues his journey of exploring complex human emotions. The title itself says a lot; it roughly translates to “Love is central to the existence of every important thing in life.” His character Omana, in a scene, says, “Everyone is scared of losing their loved ones, but there are people who don’t get love because of that fear,” & that’s what the ‘core’ of this story revolves around.

Jeo reunites with Mathews Pulickan, who had also given the music for The Great Indian Kitchen, and you’ll know the reason why once you feel this film. Pulickan gets Jeo; not a single scene will have music just for the sake of adding sound to the vacant background. Relying heavily on sound designing, Pulickan keeps things as real as possible using music only when it can elevate a scene, and when he does that, he excels every single time.

Kaathal – The Core Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, this Mammootty starrer is like a burning candle; you’ll often feel it’ll turn off, but it doesn’t, and it keeps flaming high only to let you go with hope in your heart.
Four stars!

Kaathal – The Core Trailer

Kaathal – The Core releases on 23rd November, 2023.

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