Jhootha Kahin Ka Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Omkar Kapoor, Sunny Singh, Jimmy Shergill, Rajesh Sharma, Lillete Dubey, Manoj Joshi, Nimisha Mehta, Rucha Vaidya

Director: Smeep Kang

Jhootha Kahin Ka Movie Review: I Would Be Lying If I Say It's A Bad Film!
Jhootha Kahin Ka Movie Review: I Would Be Lying If I Say It’s A Bad Film!

What’s Good: Few genuinely funny moments, situational dialogues help the bewildering narrative.

What’s Bad: An earnest attempt goes overboard because of an ordinary story-writing, follows the already set template way too much.

Loo Break: At your ease! (Except the two good scenes mentioned below).

Watch or Not?: Can’t recommend for a theatre watch!


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The story of the Jhootha Kahin Ka revolves around the life of two friends Varun (Sunny Singh) and Karan (Sunny Singh). Both, settled in Mauritius, fall in love but have a certain set of issues with their respective partners. Varun’s girlfriend Riya (Nimisha Mehta) doesn’t want to leave her physically-disabled dad Mr. Mehta (Manoj Joshi) after marriage. Whereas Karan’s girlfriend Sonam (Rucha Vaidya) is all ready to get married but there’s an issue.

According to Karan his elder brother, Tommy (Jimmy Sheirgill) is in the US but in reality, he’s just finishing his term in jail. Varun lies to Mr. Mehta of having any family to get married to Riya. Just after that, Varun’s father Yograj Singh (Rishi Kapoor) decides to surprise him. He lands in Mauritius with his brother-in-law Koka (Rajesh Sharma); coincidentally renting the bungalow next to Mehtas. Here starts the confusion & the story proceeds!

Jhootha Kahin Ka Movie Review: I Would Be Lying If I Say It's A Bad Film!
Jhootha Kahin Ka Movie Review: I Would Be Lying If I Say It’s A Bad Film!

Jhootha Kahin Ka Movie Review: Script Analysis

It’s always hard to pen a story with an overdose of confusion in it vis-a-vis De Dana Dan. But, writers Shreya Srivastava and Vaibhav Suman manage to bring in some hilarious sequences through their story. It’s a Hindi recreation of director’s hit Punjabi film Carry On Jatta 2, which itself was loosely based on 1989’s Malayalam movie Chakkikotha Chankaran. Interesting trivia, last month’s release Fastey Fasaatey also had a similar plot.

But, this movie is what Fastey Fasaatey couldn’t be. Jhootha Kahin Ka comes with flaws too, like poor production values. It’s been said as Mauritius but the shooting has been done in India (It’s okay makers, you could have gone with some Indian city). Also, because the script demands a lot of confusion, many-a-times it just gets overboard resulting in some ‘meh’ scenes. The interval point and climax are hilarious and it managed to garner the maximum laughs.

Jhootha Kahin Ka Movie Review: Star Performance

Rishi Kapoor as Yograj Singh does a good job. After a very similar zone in Patel Ki Punjabi Shadi, Rishi steps into the comical zone with this one. His character could’ve been sketched in a better way. Though his performance reminds us exactly of his last two films, Sunny Singh manages to hold his charm.

Omkar Kapoor’s character Varun just doesn’t allow him to get out of the silly-circle. He needed a better role than this. Manoj Joshi and Rajesh Sharma gather the maximum laughs. Both of them get a chunk of hilarious situational lines. Jimmy Sheirgill is just about okay! We’ve seen some brilliant performances by him. From the girls, Nimisha gets the maximum mileage but unfortunately delivers a very ordinary performance.

Jhootha Kahin Ka Movie Review: Direction, Music

After Carry On Jatta, Smeep Kang tries a similar formula in Bollywood and it pays off in parts. It’s a golden opportunity lost because the movie had the scope to be an out-and-out mad-crap comedy. But, Smeep adds some unnecessary songs and sequences to stretch the narrative. He gets some portions right but many of them wrong.

Soundtrack composed by multiple composers doesn’t have a single memorable song. Saturday Night had the potential to be a good party track, instead of sounds like a song straight out of a college project. Was too tired till Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Funk Love appeared in the end credits, hence missed it.

Jhootha Kahin Ka Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, this definitely isn’t a bad film. It can be watched on a non-productive day just to pass the time. The major complaint is, it could’ve been way better.

Two and a half stars!

Jhootha Kahin Ka Trailer:

Jhootha Kahin Ka releases on 19th July, 2019.


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