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Star cast: Vivek Sudarshan, Sayali Bhagat, Charu Asopa, Hrishikesh Joshi, Rounak Ahuja.

Plot: Vivek falls in love with Sayali who is already engaged to be married. Under the mistaken belief that she also loves him, Vivek kidnaps her moments before her wedding. What follows thereafter is mayhem.

What’s Good: Nothing at all except, perhaps, a few songs.

What’s Bad: Everything, from the script to the acting.

Verdict: Impatient Vivek is very poor.

Loo break: Anytime, any number of times.

To Watch or Not? Watch at completely your own risk!

Impatient Vivek Review By Komal Nahta (Impatient Vivek Movie Wallpaper)

Search Films Production’s Impatient Vivek (A) is a love story about Vivek alias IV (Vivek Sudarshan) who falls in love with Shruti (Sayali Bhagat). She doesn’t love him but impatient as he is, he does not even wait for her to fall in love with him. Instead, he kidnaps her on her wedding day so that he can marry her.

Even as Shruti’s parents and family worry for her and complain to the police, Vivek and his family and driver (who doubles up as a friend) keep her in captivity fearing that she would get them arrested if she were allowed to go. Does Shruti finally reciprocate Vivek’s love? Or does she complain to the police? Is she able to escape or not? Answers to these and some other questions are revealed in the climax.

Impatient Vivek Review By Komal Nahta (Impatient Vivek Movie Wallpaper)

Script & Screenplay
B.K. Tyagi’s story is childish, to say the least. Rahat Kazmi’s screenplay is even worse. Although this is a love story, romance is completely missing. The comic scenes are so pathetic that the viewer would tear his hair apart because not a single light moment is worth even a smile. Why would any guy kidnap a girl on her wedding day without confirming whether she, too, loves him, is not explained. And if Vivek had assumed that Shruti was in love with him, that assumption or the basis for it just doesn’t come across. Even worse than this is the stand taken by Vivek’s parents. They too are party to the kidnapping of Shruti because they, like their son, believe that Shruti loves Vivek. How that can give a licence to anyone to kidnap a girl is not explained. Even after Vivek and his parents are informed by Shruti that she doesn’t love him, they don’t think it necessary to release her from their captivity. Continuing to keep her captive because they are scared that she’ll complain to the police looks weird, to say the least. All Vivek and his parents had to do was to apologise to Shruti for the genuine misunderstanding. But no, they don’t even think of this option.


  1. Terrible story, wierd screenplay and incoherent acting. God please save us from such directors and their so called ‘star finds,’ Vivek’s acting is as appalling as his looks. Sayali is atrocious and the rest are inconsequential. Rahat Kazmi certainly is thoughtless and imprudent since both the story and the screenplay have been written by him.
    Ban such film-makers and films. Please.


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