If the script is full of holes, the comic scenes are dull, boring and anything but funny. In the absence of inherent comedy in the writing, the actors end up making faces and mumbling sentences in a bid to make the audience laugh. But they don’t succeed one bit. Even the light banter between Vivek and his friends or between Vivek and Shruti does not evoke laughter. Shruti’s doctor-father behaves so stupidly that the public would wonder if he needs medical attention!

The track of Shruti’s step-brother looks forced into the drama. And the step-brother’s romantic track is equally contrived. Why, even showing Vivek as a puppeteer has no relevance to the drama. All in all, B.K. Tyagi and Rahat Kazmi’s script has absolutely nothing to offer. Dialogues (by Rahat Kazmi) are poor.

Impatient Vivek Review By Komal Nahta (Impatient Vivek Movie Wallpaper)

Star Performances
Vivek Sudarshan is no hero material. His acting is poor. Sayali Bhagat is an embarrassment to watch, so weak is her performance. Most of the times, she overacts. Hrishikesh Joshi, as Vivek’s driver, Jaggi, is irritating – and not just because the driver seems to be ruling the lives of all the members of the family. Charu Asopa is quite alright as Rani. Rounak Ahuja acts ably as Annu (Shruti’s step-brother). Muni Jha, Pratik Dixit, Nirmal Soni, Ashok Beniwal, R.P. Singh, Kirti Kapoor, Vijay Bhatia, Sharmila Goenka, Hemangi Rao, Anurag Saxena and Zia A. Khan lend dull support.

Direction and Music
Rahat Kazmi’s direction is weak. Music (Raja Ali, Shahdaab Bhartiya and Neeraj Srivastava) is good. ‘Ek pari pagal si’, ‘Tujhe manga hai’, ‘Khurafat’ and ‘Meri nindiya udne’ are appealing songs. But song picturisations are not upto the mark. Nusrat Srivastava’s lyrics of ‘Ek pari’ are good. Background music (Boney P. John) is ordinary. M. Sethuraman’s camerawork is fair. Production and technical values are ordinary.

The Last Word
On the whole, Impatient Vivek is an embarrassingly poor fare with almost nil chances at the ticket windows.

Impatient Vivek Review By Komal Nahta (Impatient Vivek Movie Wallpaper)




  1. Terrible story, wierd screenplay and incoherent acting. God please save us from such directors and their so called ‘star finds,’ Vivek’s acting is as appalling as his looks. Sayali is atrocious and the rest are inconsequential. Rahat Kazmi certainly is thoughtless and imprudent since both the story and the screenplay have been written by him.
    Ban such film-makers and films. Please.


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