Humshakals Movie Poster
Humshakals Movie Poster

Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (One and Half star)

Star cast: Saif Ali Khan, Riteish Deshmukh, Ram Kapoor, Tamannaah Bhatia, Bipasha Basu and Esha Gupta

Director: Sajid Khan

What’s Good: Riteish Deshmukh & Ram Kapoor.

What’s Bad: Saif Ali Khan, the film’s corny humor and infuriatingly stretched gags.

Loo break: Too many to count.

Watch or Not?: If Himmatwala was terrible, I have no clue how to rate Humshakals. Sans a scintilla of intelligence, the film begins with a note from Sajid Khan about what a wise man had once said. It seems that Sajid never paid heed to the value of experience, which quite justifies the level of his films. Bereft of wit, the film banks on a convoluted narrative and one mess of a storyline. At 2 hours and 40 minutes, the film is an endurance test which I failed in. If you suck out Ram & Riteish, Humshakals is pretty much the worst film I have ever seen!

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Ashok (Saif) is a rich business tycoon based in London, who might be the owner of a rich empire, but harbors the desire to become a stand up comedian. Ashok’s friend Kumar (Riteish) is his only confidant, but their hunky dory life is disrupted when Ashok’s Mama KANS (Ram) uses a medicine and pushes Ashok & Kumar into a mentally challenged state of mind.

While they can’t recuperate, the same mental asylum shelters another set of Ashok and Kumar who are the humshakals of the original pair. That’s not all, when KANS frames them to inherit the business empire, Ashok and Kumar find KANS’ humshakal too.

The story moves forward and another set of humshakals is revealed. So will the original Ashok and Kumar win over the original Mamaji is the story!

Ram Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Riteish Deshmukh in a still from movie ‘Humshakals’
Ram Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Riteish Deshmukh in a still from movie ‘Humshakals’

Humshakals Review: Script Analysis

For a change I can’t write ‘analyse what script?’ because the muddle I was compelled to watch cannot be written off so easily. Flimsily written, the film is a story about 3 sets of similar looking people. It’s plain mucky, if I put it politely. But Sajid Khan’s story has offended me beyond wits and I have no intention of being kind here. I understand the guy has no respect for cinema, and his idea of loving films is delivering crud! I am disappointed at the lack of subtlety. It turns out I am asking for too much, but when Saif, Riteish, Ram & Satish Shah slap and punch each other to emphasize on the film being a ‘slapstick’, one can easily gauge what we are thrown into. Stretching gags are a pain and when a Prince Charles impostor comments that the film is more confusing than his marriage to Lady Diana, I was peeved enough to silently hope someone sues Sajid for making terrible films.

The movie has enough moments to prove that Sajid is aware of his drawbacks. In a scene where mentally challenged patients are made to watch Himmatwala as a torture mechanism, I would like to believe that Khan understands filmmaking isn’t making the best use of skills. Filled with claptraps and puerile humor, the film gave no immensely engrossing bit. The only part which I enjoyed to the hilt was Riteish and Saif trying to escape the mental asylum. In a crisp and genuinely funny scene, Riteish’s facial expressions was ultimate show stealer.

The low brow variety of fun is not something I can pass off as entertainment. In fact, cloning Saif & Riteish by tracking facial expression points and adding a voice modulator chip to get theirs voices correct was the most horrifyingly ridiculous thing I have heard since Joey’s Brain Transplant episode in FRIENDS. The only difference was Sajid expects to be taken seriously. If you haven’t died of shock yet, the film’s climax is a ‘signing of power of attorney papers’ held in the House Of Commons. Also a Grade 3, kept in isolation, mentally handicapped man has a logical working brain and hence fathoms the nuances of humshakal characters and the master plan better than us. If the sludge wasn’t enough, the dialogues will kill you. If that doesn’t, the film’s length will. But if you enter the hall to watch Humshakals, Sajid won’t let you out alive.

Humshakals Review: Star Performances

Saif Ali Khan hasn’t delivered this lusterless performance in a while. I haven’t been a fan of his latest releases but the guy hams, overacts and is darn terrible at it. Pitted against better actors like Ram and Riteish doesn’t help him as they make him look worse.

Ram Kapoor is fantastic. Especially where the male Ram romances the female Ram, one witnesses the immense versatile potential in the man. I wish Bollywood doesn’t allow him to return to television ever. Actors like him are such a rare find.

Toppling even Ram is Riteish who is genuinely the best thing in this otherwise pathetic movie. He brightens the screen with his quirkiness and the punctual comic timing. I can’t wait for Ek Villain even more now since the actor isn’t scared to unleash an absolutely different side of his!

The ladies, Esha Gupta, Tamannaah Bhatia & Bipasha Basu lack the comic bone altogether. In terms of screen presence Bipasha is slightly better but as a pack they all disappoint.

Humshakals Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Sajid Khan is slowly emerging as the king of disastrous films. Compared to his TV shows, his films are not only mere failures but shows a dip in his sense of comedy. Lacking genuine-ity and filled with stupidity, my problem isn’t with the slapstick humor. His film lacks consistency this time. His actors barring Ram & Riteish is below average. And mostly the film isn’t the least likeable. I will be lying if I claim, I didn’t laugh at all. I did but mostly I was at the film and not with the film. The film was absolutely flat in its first half and though post interval Sajid manages to emerge out of the self created chaos for a bit but the tapestry of litter is so elaborate, that Khan doesn’t quite navigate an easy way out.

Humshakals Review: The Last Word

Humshakals is the lowest form of buffoonery I have seen this year. It would have been way more harsh if Ram & Riteish were missing from the film. Loaded with indecipherable dim wit, the film is an odd mishmash of pathos and drudgery. Unfunny and strictly for juvenile, I am gonna take the day off to decide whether Himmatwala was better than this. Meanwhile, stick to FIFA and stay away from the cinemas. Going with a very lenient 1.5/5, I am on the brink of lunacy after watching some glop like this.

Humshakals Trailer

Humshakals releases on 20th June, 2014.

Share with us your experience of watching Humshakals.

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  1. As expected ! Thanks for the review Mohar Basu ! Illogical and dumb viewers will hate you for this review … Be ready !! Argh ! Indian films 90% s##ts !
    Remaining 6% bearable & 4% watchable. I have no clue if any Indian director reads their films’ review on Rottentomatoes !! What rest of the world people think of our films. I feel ashamed many a times reading their comments. Nevertheless ! Just hope for the best.

  2. I knew that another mediocre movie is coming from Sajid.Mediocre,not apt.Rather atrocious.From the trailer itself it was clear that Humshakals is going to be a mess.Ridiculousness runs in the blood of the family.Shirish Kunder,Farah Khan,Sajid Khan.Farah might survive thanks to SRK.I know,even after this huge disappointment,Sajid will make another super duper crap movie.God help audience.

  3. What will happen with Yaariyan, koimoi gives 0 rating and the film will be super hit, no one can ever know that what will public accept or what will reject, so dont comment so fast about anything, the audience is the baap of all critics…..

    • Because audience like you would really love these king of F*****g movie (though i haven’t watched but i can easily guess what kind of movie Sajid can make), which contains no story line and nothing. Movie enthusiasts will never like (oh sorry like is wrong word used here), infact will damn hate these kind of movies. I still imagine why dont people admire movies like Citylights, Shahid, Gulal or any mainstream movies.i feel ashamed that directors like sajid khad is still in our bollywood industry All are douchebags who loves honey singh songs and vulgar jokes like in Gandi Baat (Oh f*** this movie earned 100 crore) and you call audience like you as “baap of all critics”. I know you all are such kind of audience who can watch any movie coming on Zee Cinema and Set max 1000 of times with the same interest. I am damn sure you wont be knowing about Anurag Kashyap. You wont be knowing about movies like Gulal, Matibhoomi, Shorts, Lunchbox and many more, becoz these movies doesnt contain any vulgarity and nonsense jokes. Do some good things bro…. Sorry no offence

      • Sorry brother, I dont watch the movie but its 1st day collection is 12.50 crore Rs, now u understand what public want in a commercial movie, u dont know the taste of every people, if u like Gulal, Matibhoomi, Shorts, Lunchbox movie than we have not any problem, but if public like these movies then whats problem with u, a general people watch movies for entertainment not for General konowledge, plz dont try to use anurag kashayp name for want to show that U r a class audience, u dont know that anurags first movie ‘paanch’ not released yet, if every body made like Gulal, Matibhoomi, Shorts, or Lunchbox movies than the all single screens of India will be closed, so plz dont try to show that only multiplex audience are genious and the single screen audiences are non sence.

        • bhai vaise to raavan ne bhi 100 cr kamaye the, lekin hathoda hathoda hi rehta hain chahe vo kitna bhi kamale

  4. Dude this is not done wait for Akshay’s “Its Entertainment” and then there will be fighting for the dumbest and worst movie of all time between this two.
    Humshakals waste of time a terrible experience

  5. Apart from Heyy Baby no movie of sajid khan has realy impressed the audience..
    crap director..
    i wonder how did he made such a fantastic movie like heyy babyy :/

  6. I don’t Understand why people prefer to go to movie “Humshakals”. The promo of the movie was so terrible that it was simply implying that the movie will be bakwaas. The Holiday Movie is Ossom and you can again watch that movie instead of wasting your time and money on “Humshakalas”..

  7. north indian directors lack vision, most of the better films come from south india. that’s why after ghajini, we have seen 12-13 remakes and a number of them did well. even south technicians and music composers are ahead of north india by a mile. humshakals is outright terrible north film.

    • @karthik
      It has got nothing to do with north or south. If its BAD its Bad. And not all south films are good as well. And for your Ghajni example, its a remake of Hollywood film Memento(without memento’s brilliant script and film making).

  8. Nice Place, Nice threater, Nice Audience to watch Super Duper Bakwaas movie from Saif\other stars and their Super Duper bakwaas Acting. No Head no Brain to make movies Better to stay away from movie..

  9. There r better ways to enjoy ur weekend instead of watching such BRAIN DAMAGING $#!T.
    40 Cr is just unexpected :(
    Humshakals, Yariyaan, Grand Masti …. where is dear Bollywood going ?!?

  10. People like Sajid Khan make these kind of movies because we plan to give it a shot. Don’t get dirty advertising tricks influence your strong mind. Sajid Khan has already made big flops, why don’t you blacklist him and stop going to his movies? A small % of us big populated India could bank roll them to produce more utter shite movies like this in the future.

  11. very very nice comedy movie ever seen, what a f…ck u all talk, nice movie, it’s a comedy movie, not a romantic, nice story also. 4/5 movie, i really enjoyed full time.

  12. basically i liked few scenes of the movie which were hilarious like when ashok and mumar assume the machine to be a video game and were connecting wires the climax , the board meeting scene was epic., clearly i liked the movie but if it would have been a double role movie then it would have gone from hilarious to epic!! till double role the movie was damn epic

  13. Until you watch movie you can not say…
    It is great movie. You go with your friends or family…n enjoy..comedy.
    In side the movie. it has better jokes than seen in its trailor…

    (Negative) feedback given above are completely opposite of movie. it is nice movie.

  14. nice movie, 3.5/5 movie. why you all criticised movie badly,not bad to see 1st time, there is comedy,nice jyokes,nice story,all time laugh movie(atleast 1st time), ok songs also, nice mimicry, first go and see movie after criticised it, okkkk my dear friends. i hope………thanks……………..

  15. kya yaar—- entertainment bhi zaruri hai, hum log press wale toh hai nahi ke comment kare– aaj ka din mein stress itna zyada hai ki story nahi humlog ko entertainment chhaye— humshakals accha movie hai at least laugh toh kiya —

  16. I loved the movie it was hilarious and I LOVED the germ guy he was just too too funny. I don’t know how some people say that they don’t like the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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