Wanted Man Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Dolph Lundgren, Christina Villa, Kelsey Grammer

Director: Dolph Lundgren

Writers: Dolph Lundgren, Michael Worth, Hank Hugues

Wanted Man Movie Review
Wanted Man Movie Review Is Out! (Picture Credit: IMDb)

What’s Good: Lundgren delivers a commendable performance, taking bold risks with his unsympathetic character. The film skillfully maximizes its modest budget, offering compelling action sequences and impactful dramatic moments. The practical stunt work and use of blood squibs add a nostalgic charm. Christina Villa shines as the surviving witness, and the supporting cast, including Kelsey Grammer and Michael Pare, delivers versatile performances.

What’s Bad: The plot lacks significant twists, and the finale falls short with a brief shootout and a predictable reveal. The micro-budget constraints are noticeable, impacting the overall experience. The villains’ entrance is predictable, and the generic storytelling might not fully captivate all audiences.

Loo Break: Given the film’s concise 82-minute runtime, taking a loo break is not advisable, as “Wanted Man” efficiently avoids unnecessary filler, ensuring a streamlined and engaging viewing experience.

Watch or Not?: “Wanted Man” stands as a commendable achievement in Lundgren’s directorial career, offering throwback thrills with impactful set pieces. Fans of ’80s-style action and Lundgren’s work will find it worth a watch, despite some predictable moments.

Language: English

Available On: Rent from Apple Tv Plus $ 6.99

Runtime: 1h 26m

User Rating:

In “Wanted Man,” Dolph Lundgren stars as Travis Johansen, an old-school cop facing police brutality charges and accusations of racism. Tasked with a seemingly routine prisoner transfer, Johansen’s life takes a dangerous turn when hired killers target him and the witnesses he’s transporting. The film unfolds as a swiftly paced action film with elements of the Western genre, showcasing Lundgren’s directorial and acting skills.

Wanted Man Movie Review
Wanted Man Movie Review Is Out! (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Wanted Man Movie Review: Script Analysis

The script of “Wanted Man” demonstrates an exploration of its protagonist, Travis Johansen, portrayed by Dolph Lundgren. Co-authored by Lundgren, Hank Hughes, and Michael Worth, the narrative delves into themes of aging and prejudice, providing a layered character arc for Johansen. The script cleverly incorporates political buzzwords and reactionary ideas during scenes where Johansen and his cop comrades express nostalgia and critique societal changes. Lundgren’s acceptance of his character as a relic from a bygone era adds a poignant touch, reflecting the actor’s own acknowledgment of aging in the contemporary world. The plot’s predictable elements, such as an ambush and a reluctant journey to Mexico, serve as a backdrop for Lundgren’s character to confront his deep-seated prejudices, making the script more than a typical action storyline.

Furthermore, the involvement of Michael Worth, a ’90s action star and filmmaker, adds a noteworthy layer to the script. Worth, alongside Lundgren and Hank Hughes, brings an understanding of the genre and contributes to the dialogue’s strength. The script not only propels the action sequences but also explores the human drama behind Lundgren’s character, making it more than just a vehicle for thrills. Despite some predictability in the plot, the script successfully captures the essence of ’80s and ’90s action films while infusing it with modern-day complexities, creating a compelling narrative that elevates “Wanted Man” beyond typical genre conventions.

Wanted Man Movie Review: Star Performance

In “Wanted Man,” Dolph Lundgren’s stellar performance shines, highlighting his prowess as a filmmaker and actor. Juggling the roles of director, writer, and lead actor, Lundgren impressively embodies Travis Johansen, an old-school cop grappling with accusations of racism during a precarious prisoner transfer. Fearlessly tackling an initially unsympathetic character, Lundgren adds depth to Johansen’s persona, adeptly navigating through the character’s biases and vulnerabilities. Beyond his trademark action-star physicality, Lundgren’s nuanced portrayal delves into the intricacies of aging and confronting one’s past, significantly contributing to the film’s overall impact.

Christina Villa, who co-stars as Rosa, the surviving witness, also deserves praise for her standout performance. Villa brings a fierce and arresting quality to her character, elevating Rosa beyond the typical damsel in distress trope. Her on-screen chemistry with Lundgren adds depth to the narrative, particularly in the quieter moments that highlight Rosa’s strength and resilience. Together with Lundgren, Villa contributes to the emotional core of “Wanted Man,” making their dynamic performances a key highlight of the film’s star-studded ensemble. The supporting cast, including Kelsey Grammer and Michael Pare, further enhances the overall star power, creating a well-rounded ensemble that contributes to the film’s success.

Wanted Man Movie Review
Wanted Man Movie Review Is Out! (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Wanted Man Movie Review: Direction, Music

Dolph Lundgren’s direction in “Wanted Man” showcases his adeptness at making the most of a modest budget. Despite financial constraints, Lundgren skillfully crafts impactful action sequences, embracing practical stunt work that enhances the film’s nostalgic appeal. The absence of extravagant set pieces accentuates the ’80s-style charm, as Lundgren opts for a streamlined approach that keeps the narrative focused and engaging. The film’s pacing, clocking in at just 82 minutes, is a testament to Lundgren’s directorial efficiency, avoiding unnecessary filler and delivering a swift and compelling experience.

As for the music, the background score aligns well with the film’s nostalgic vibe, yet I must admit it doesn’t emerge as exceptionally noteworthy. While the soundtrack effectively enhances the overall atmosphere and contributes to the action sequences, it lacks a distinctive and memorable musical element. Despite this, when coupled with Lundgren’s direction, the fitting background score contributes to a unified cinematic experience that appeals to aficionados of classic action films.

Wanted Man Movie Review: The Last Word

“Wanted Man,” despite its limited budget, stands as evidence of Lundgren’s prowess as a filmmaker. The movie skillfully fuses action, drama, and character development, providing a nostalgic yet impactful cinematic journey. Lundgren demonstrates that he transcends being merely an action star; he is an adept storyteller both on and off the screen.

Wanted Man Trailer

Wanted Man was released on 17 January 2024 in limited theatres and VoD platforms.

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