Anay trains husbands how to cheat on their wives and have extramarital affairs. Mohit, Ahwaan and Kurush are willing students. Read the review of Happy Husbands for more.

Business Rating: Half star

Star Cast: Anay, Mohit Ghai, Ahwaan, Kurush Deboo.

What’s Good: Nothing at all!

What’s Bad: Everything from the concept to the script to the acting…

Verdict: Happy Husbands is a sad attempt at filmmaking.

Loo Break: Any time, any number of times.

Watch or Not? Watch it – but if you are unhappy after that, don’t blame us!

Happy Husbands Review (Happy Husbands Movie Poster)

Phenomenal Crafts Pvt. Ltd.’s Happy Husbands (A) is the story of Jaiveer (Anay) who trains people on how to cheat their wives and ‘enjoy’ life by having extramarital affairs. Among his three main followers are Mohit (Mohit Ghai), Arjun (Ahwaan) and Champu (Kurush Deboo). Mohit and Arjun’s wives dote on them while Champu’s wife is too dominating for his comfort.

Jaiveer actually holds classes to train people in the art of proving to be a happy husband by cheating on one’s wife and having a good time with other women. Why anybody, howsoever peverted he might be, would give free advice to anybody is not explained. It is not even as if he has been wronged by his own wife or any other woman for that matter for him to be so anti-wife. In fact, his wife loves him so much that her entire life revolves around him. To see such a husband not only cheating on his wife but also training other men to cheat on their wives makes for disgusting viewing.

Anay’s story and screenplay are as ridiculous as ridiculous can be. Jaiveer keeps harping on the point that he loves his wife so much that he can do anything for her. While he only says this, he actually has extra-marital affairs by the dozen. In other words, his affairs with other girls are shown to the audience but when it comes to his love for his wife, what the audience gets is empty dialogues without any scenes to substantiate them.

Mohit, Arjun and Champu behave like Jaiveer’s servants when he gives his sermons to them. As for Jaiveer, he treats them so shabbily that the audience wonders what’s the matter with him. For instance, at one point of time, he insults Mohit and fires him for forgetting the basic rule – and, believe it or not, goes on to explain the basic rule after that! How can Mohit forget a rule which was never told to him?

Happy Husbands Review (Happy Husbands Movie Poster)

Although Anay is shown to be taking a class of seemingly unhappy husbands, there are only three – Mohit, Arjun and Champu – who actually come to him for idiotic tips on how to cheat on their wives. It’s not explained where the others disappeared after that class.

What’s worse is that the tips Jaiveer offers the three frustrated guys are so juvenile that the audience wonders how anybody can impart such advice and how anybody can be so dumb as to accept such advice – that too, by almost falling at the adviser’s feet!

Story and Screenplay – Happy Husbands Review

In short, the story and screenplay are ridiculous and absurd. Even the last part of the drama is meaningless and creates no impact on the viewer. Actually, the writer probably meant to pen the story and screenplay in a way that it could tickle the audience’s funny bone but the scenes don’t create any laughter whatsoever. Dialogues (Anay) are too ordinary to be true.

Happy Husbands Review (Happy Husbands Movie Poster)

Star Performances – Happy Husbands Review

Performances of the actors, generally speaking, are as irritating as the script. Anay makes a weak debut. He is no hero material. Mohit Ghai at least makes an attempt to look believable but succeeds only at times. Ahwaan is poor. Kurush Deboo overacts all the time. Archana makes no impact as Jaiveer’s wife, Priya. Shruti and Dia pass muster in the roles of Naina (Mohit’s wife) and Dia (Arjun’s wife) respectively. Others are as dull as dull can be.

Direction, Music and Editing – Happy Husbands Review

Anay’s direction is no better than his script. Even the basic rules of scripting and direction seem to have been completely overlooked while writing and making the film. Music (Anay) is ordinary except for the ‘Tu hee meri’ song which is fair. Srikant Naroj’s camerawork, visual effects, editing (Vilas Ranade, Deepak Wirkud and Anay) and other technical aspects are poor.

The Last Word
On the whole, Happy Husbands faces truly unhappy box-office prospects because it entertains neither husbands nor wives – nor any class of audience, for that matter!


  1. I think the acting of Ahwaan is superb and he is next super star of bollywood. Write done my words u will find that in future.

    AHWAAAANNNNNNNNN boys u rocks……………

  2. Ya Hunny u r right I am really inpress with his role n how he come out of all other stupid ……… Hey Ahwaan LOVE U GUYYYYY

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