Halloween Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Virginia Gardner, Nick Castle, Miles Robbins, Toby Huss , Jefferson Hall

Director: David Gordon Green

Halloween Movie Review
Halloween Movie Review: 40 Years & Many Illogical Instalments Later, It’s Still Stupid!

What’s Good: Certain scenes remind you that it’s a thriller; otherwise it’s just some low-paid acting happening at a lousy level!

What’s Bad: I wasn’t looking for any logic but as every genre has its aim, I was supposed to get scared with this one and not yawn at its ‘lifeless’ narration.

Loo Break: If you’re going in order to get frightened, an empty loo is a better option than watching this!

Watch or Not?: Trash-talk about me all you can but I’ve never considered even 1978’s Halloween as a good film! So if you’re thinking I don’t get this genre, please skip reading and go watch this film!


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The movie takes a leap of 40 years from that one bloody Halloween night in 1978.  Michael Myers, who, after killing 5 people and his sister, is still in a rehabilitation centre. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), the lone survivor from Michael’s massacre is living for the day she will again meet Michael to kill him (Really, Hollywood?). Laurie is twice-married and her ‘separated’ daughter believes she’s a psycho waiting for evil to come (She exactly is that).

It all starts when two investigative journalists Martin (Jefferson Hall) and  Dana (Rhian Rees) decide to go and meet Michael Myer in his rehab centre. As its predecessor (1978), even in this one, Michael runs free from the centre returning to Haddonfield – a city portrayed as it’s full of fools. Here he yet again starts killing people to meet Laurie in a mundane climax.

Halloween Movie Review
Halloween Movie Review: 40 Years & Many Illogical Instalments Later, It’s Still Stupid!

Halloween Movie Review: Script Analysis

David Green has penned this nonsense with Jeff Fradley and Danny McBride ripping away the only few good fond memories from its original. The sudden screams after silence, panning camera shots covering the house and its trademarked inharmonious background score – sequel steals the natural essence from all of it. Michael Myer – one of the most overrated characters ever designed fails to scare even after 40 years.

“Hello this is Officer Hawkins, please respond” howls Will Patton in the house where a psychotic serial killer is roaming freely; I mean, I know it’s supposed to be a dumb-thriller but at this level? Michael Simmonds’ camera succeeds in capturing Green’s vision but the only problem is it (vision) wasn’t captivating enough. The makers also tried their hand with some self-referential jokes but fall flat.

Halloween Movie Review: Star Performance

Jamie Lee Curtis is good but her character still retains the uni-dimensional approach towards life. Jamie’s Laurie has layers but they’re pretty half-baked and hence fails to create the desired impact. Judy Greer acts well and has an explosive moment in the finale. Her chemistry with Jamie Lee Curtis is most probably the only silver lining of the dark and dull cloud.

Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney as the body of Michael Myers aren’t worth reviewing. Andi Matichak as Allyson shines in her limited screen presence. Though her character is lazily sketched, she makes it worth with her performance. Jefferson Hall and Rhian Rees as investigative journalists are acceptable, nothing great.

Halloween Movie Review: Direction, Music

David Gordon Green had the support of the father of this franchise, John Carpenter, as a composer, executive producer and creative consultant. This was visible because even after 40 years, the sequel retained some of its old-school elements. Unfortunately, the movie fails at the script & story level and therefore nothing falls into place.

John Carpenter gives the music for this one, too, and he’s still stuck to 70’s. Talents like Benjamin Wallfisch (It) and Michael Abels (Get Out) have proved what a good score can add to thrillers. Carpenter takes the easy way and it pays off well at some places but at many occasions it’s just noise.

Halloween Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Halloween does not live up to the expectations. It’s a well intention-ed thriller but lacks the thrills. Was never a fan of the franchise but had hopes this will turn me into one! It’s just yet another Hollywood horror flick which is anything but scary.

Two stars!

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Halloween releases on 26th October, 2018.


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