Bigil Movie Review Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

Star Cast: Thalapathy Vijay, Also Thalapathy Vijay, Nayanthara, Varsha Bollamma, Indhuja, Yogi Babu, Jackie Shroff

Director: Atlee

Bigil Movie Review: Thalapathy Vijay Is The Boisterous Dhamaka This Diwali Needed!
Bigil Movie Review: Thalapathy Vijay Is The Boisterous Dhamaka This Diwali Needed!

What’s Good: Each and every massy portion led by Vijay evokes ear-numbing seetis, very well written emotional quotient between father & the son

What’s Bad: It takes its sweet time to build up but the editing is too lazy to forgive, the sports’ backdrop could’ve been way more interesting

Loo Break: During the Football matches because it’s too predictable to sit and watch till the end

Watch or Not?: Only if you have the appetite for commercial potboilers & can sit through for three hours

User Rating:

We see a bunch of policemen hi ambushing an area to get hold of few college students. All of this acts as a base to one of many entry sequences of Michael Rayappan (Vijay), who’s rowdy but good at heart. He speaks for his people but screams when his demands aren’t met. Skipping the usual lover-boy stalking heroine track, this one has a different angle which was fresh, at least for me.

Michael’s love for Angel (Nayanthara) isn’t on your face, as we see she attempts to get married multiple times but fails at doing so. Michael gets attacked, in which he manages to defend himself but his friend Kathir (Kathir) gets critically injured. Because of this Kathir was unable to lead his Women’s Football team leaving for a National level competition. That’s where we see Michael’s backstop when he was Bigil, son of Rayappan (also Vijay) and a renowned football player.

Bigil Movie Review
Bigil Movie Review

Bigil Movie Review: Script Analysis

Atlee writes the script keeping two things in mind – Vijay’s stardom and non-Vijay fans’ interest. He keeps everything for everyone and that comes in as a drawback too. Because of a lot of things, the length gets stretched for no good reason at all. He gives the deserving multiple entry sequences to Vijay and each one of them had more masala than the previous one.

The two-minute dance sequence before the climax is purely for Vijay fans, saying this because in my show there were people dancing on their seats. Atlee maintains the quirks of Vijay throughout the end, be it him singing while beating up the goons or his encounter with policemen in the police station, everything evokes seetis and taalis.

Bigil Movie Review: Star Performance

This was my first experienced watching a Vijay film in the theatre and this man is the god of masses. With a vast variety of expressions, he masters to slip into any scene depending on the mood of it. Be it the dramatic ones, funny one or ones where he just has to serve his fans, he owns every frame he’s in.

Nayanthara shares a very small portion of a very large script. She looks very good with Vijay that’s why their scenes together come across very fresh. She adds to the quirkiness of Vijay.

From the rest of the cast, Varsha Bollamma as Gayatri and Reba Monica John as Anitha stand out because of the backdrops given to their characters. Actor Robo Shankar’s daughter Indraja Shankar gets a memorable moment in the climax of the film and she does total justice to it.

Bigil Movie Review: Direction, Music

Atlee handles the massy portions very well. This guy knows where his camera should be and GK Vishnu’s cinematography came in as a huge help. Because of the camera angle and BGM, he makes even an ordinary scene look grand as he knows where to place his props. Shouldn’t say this here, but Atlee could bring the commercial best out of Shah Rukh Khan in his next.

For a change, AR Rahman’s music at some portions was too loud for me. I’m aware he’s catering to a different set of audience this time, it’s just a personal choice. He compensates with the amazing use of his voice during the inspirational pieces in the second half.

Bigil Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Vijay coupled with Atlee is the dhamaka that this Diwali deserves. Backed by an intriguing and emotional story, Vijay’s machoism is the main ingredient of this blatant commercial masala.

Three Stars!

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Bigil releases on 24th October, 2019.


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