Bhoot Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Vicky Kaushal, Akash Dhar, Ashutosh Rana, Bhumi Pednekar, Meher Vij

Director: Bhanu Pratap Singh

Bhoot Movie Review: This Vicky Kaushal Starrer Lacks Soul... Like Really!
Bhoot Movie Review: This Vicky Kaushal Starrer Lacks Soul… Like Really!

What’s Good: If you’re going in for the ‘boos’, you might end up dehydrated

What’s Bad: I didn’t get to use the pun ‘bootiful’ because there’s no such thing in the film – boo-yeah!

Loo Break: Or you might try just skipping it altogether!

Watch or Not?: Skip and observe your life for a while, that might be scarier

User Rating:

Prithvi (Vicky Kaushal) who works for a shipping company loses his wife (Bhumi Pednekar) and child in an unfortunate water accident. Years later, still unable to move on, he starts hallucinating them which starts affecting his professional life. He’s posted on a case of a ship that’s stranded on a beach in Mumbai.

Upon investigating the ship he tumbles into some eerie belongings of the past crew of the ship. As he accepts the fact that the ship is haunted, he starts finding out about the whereabouts of the crew members. Along with the help of his friend Riyaz (Akash Dhar) and a professor-cum-tantrik (Ashutosh Rana), Prithvi manages to reach the bottom of this situation (literally!).

Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship Movie Review: Script Analysis

Bhanu Pratap Singh gets really confused in balancing the script for masses as well classes. You’ve your hallucination angle which is left unexplored, cut to Vicky Kaushal jumping chains like a Tarzan over chains which is not something you expect from the initial built-up.

The ship, which could have been the central protagonist, is never really used for the chills. Remove ship and put a house, you’ll get your usual horror flick that’s been done to death. There are chills but they come at a cost of the absence of solid thrills. Pushkar Singh’s screenplay doesn’t delve well with the sound design because the score takes you to the horror scenes making them pretty predictable. What this one needed were good sudden scares to hold your intrigue.

Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship Movie Review: Star Performance

Vicky Kaushal maintains subtlety throughout amidst a chaotic mess of a story. He’s believable and more importantly holds the reigns of the narration at places, avoiding it from deviating in a wrong way. But the oh-I-am-scary script affects his presence at times when there are zero scares.

Playing Vicky’s friend, Akash Dhar adds no value despite a decent amount of screen-space. Gets a very lazily written character to act anything. It’s an opportunity missed of adding a good friendship angle to the scenario. Bhumi Pednekar plays a just-for-the-sake-of-it cameo. Ashutosh Rana gets a character who’s straight out of his 90s horror movies making no sense whatsoever.

Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship Movie Review: Direction, Music

Bhanu Pratap Singh, without a doubt, manages to create the right atmospheric for a film like this but it’s what he does there lacks soul (literally!). He builds the jump-scares in the first half but fails to carry forward them in the second half because of cluttered story-building. First half sails smooth, while second drowns deep.

Ketan Sodha manages to hold your attention with his background score in majoring of the portions in the first half. But then the score just follows what every unscary horror movie does, goes loud for no reason. Thankfully there’s a single song in the film, Akhil Sachdeva’s Channa Ve which fits in well and is melodious.

Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship is somewhere between a ‘Halloween’ & ‘Amavas’ and it just can’t ‘creep it real’. The genre lovers might find some moments to hold on but that’s about it.

Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship Trailer

Bhoot: Part One – The Haunted Ship releases on 21st February 2020.

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