Devout Muslim Reema Lagoo’s son (Samir Aftab) goes to Dubai on a secret assignment which requires him to act as the father to Rituparna Sengupta’s troubled son. But when Samir doesn’t contact either his mother or his fiancé (Gauri Karnik), they start to wonder what he is really up to. Read the review of Bas Ek Tamanna to find out more.

Bas Ek Tamanna Review (Bas Ek Tamanna Movie Poster)Business rating: 0.5/5 star

Star cast: Samir Aftab, Rituparna Sengupta, Gauri Karnik, Reema Lagoo, Vrajesh Hirjee.

What’s Good: Reema’s performance.

What’s Bad: The routine script; the mostly average performances; the hackneyed climax.

Verdict: Bas Ek Tamanna is a poor fare. Flop!

Loo break: Several.

Watch or not?: Watch it at your own risk.

User rating:

Spark Films Entertainment’s Bas Ek Tamanna is the story of an Indian Muslim boy who goes wayward because of his greed for money. Faraaz (Samir Aftab), his mother, Najma (Reema Lagoo) and his wheelchair- bound father, Nadeem (S.M. Zaheer), belong to a lower middle-class family in Lucknow. While Najma, a devout Muslim, makes a living by doing embroidery, Faraaz, a graduate, whiles his time away acting as a guide to tourists, as he cannot find a full-time job.

On one of his assignments, Faraaz meets Sameera (Rituparna Sengupta), a rich Dubai-based woman. Sameera offers Faraaz a well-paying job in Dubai. Faraaz jumps at the opportunity and flies to Dubai although his mother is worried for him. Sameera has a young son, who, after losing his father, has developed bipolar disorder. Faraaz’s job is to act as young Ahmed’s father and give him love. Faraaz does his job dutifully but keeps his distance from Sameera. Bit by bit, though, he stars enjoying the luxurious lifestyle of Dubai with Sameera’s money. And although he wires his mother some money every month, he soon breaks off all contact with his family and friends in India.

The real reason for Faraaz’s breaking off relations is the fact that just before he got to Dubai, he was engaged to Sanah (Gauri Karnik), a young girl from his own community. Faraaz had wooed her for some time as he was deeply in love with her. With Faraaz remaining incommunicado, even Sanah is at her wits’ end. Soon, Faraaz’s ailing father passes away. His distraught mother and fiancée leave all hope of Faraaz ever coming back. Does Faraaz come back? What happens when Sameera wants him to marry her? What about his engagement with Sanah? What about his mother, Najma? The rest of the film and the climax answer these questions.

Bas Ek Tamanna Review (Bas Ek Tamanna Movie Stills)

Bas Ek Tamanna Review – Script Analysis

Ali Hashmat Siddique’s script is routine and predictable. His screenplay had ample scope for drama and emotions but the way in which the story has been told negates all the potential. It is not clear why Faraaz, who is happy being a good-for-nothing guy, suddenly gets so greedy as to abandon his family for good. Also, since the fact of Faraaz’s engagement is reveled to the audience as a surprise after Faraaz has already left for Dubai, it is not clear when exactly Faraaz had gotten engaged. If he did it just before leaving for Dubai, his behavior becomes even more incongruous. All in all, these and many other loopholes in the screenplay make the film irritating. Moreover, the track of a broken and distraught Najma wanting to go to Haj all of a sudden seems rather contrived. Although there are a few emotional scenes in the second half, they lose their impact because of the other insipid scenes.

Bas Ek Tamanna Review – Star Performances

Reema performs very well as the heartbroken mother. Samir Aftab looks okay but can hardly act. Rituparna Sengupta looks weird and does an average job. Gauri Karnik’s performance is passable. Vrajesh Hirjee (as Faraaz’s friend) fills the bill. S.M. Zaheer, Anjana Mumtaaz (as Sanah’s mother) and master Laeeque (as Ahmed) support well.

Bas Ek Tamanna Review – Direction & Music

Rahul B. Kapoor’s direction is bad. He is unable to even extract good performances from most of his actors. He also fails in keeping the narrative coherent beyond a point. The film has four songs which do not add much value to the narrative. Music, by Onkar, and lyrics, by Qaiser-ul-Jaffrey and Manthan, are passable. The background score is irritating. Akash Deep Pandey’s cinematography is ordinary. Editing, by Deepak-Vilas, is shoddy.

Bas Ek Tamanna Review – Verdict

On the whole, Bas Ek Tamanna is a poor fare which cannot hope to do anything worthwhile at the box-office.


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