Ayalaan Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Sivakarthikeyan, Venkat Senguttuvan, Sharad Kelkar, Rakul Preet Singh, Yogi Babu, Isha Koppikar & Karunakaran

Director: R Ravikumar

Ayalaan Movie Review
Ayalaan Movie Review Is Out! (Picture Credit: IMDb)

What’s Good: After a long time, here comes a fun sci-film that could be enjoyed with the entire family

What’s Bad: The storyline feels cliched, and there are some unconvincing moments

Loo Break: The first couple of songs could be a good time, or else the interval is enough

Watch or Not?: It’s a good relief from too many violent and serious films, so go for it!

Language: Tamil

Available On: Theatrical release

Runtime: 2 hours and 35 minutes

User Rating:

There’s a baddie named Aryan (Sharad Kelkar), whose only intention is to extract deadly Nova gas from beneath the surface by using a mysterious element called Sparc. And for that, he can go to any extent and doesn’t care, even if it puts the lives of people in danger and causes harm to Mother Earth.

Extraterrestrial beings on some other planet are worried about the damage that Sparc could do and decide to save Earth to maintain a balance of the universe. For the mission, they send one of their alien beings to Earth, who meets Tamizh (Sivakarthikeyan) for a purpose.

Tamizh is a happy-go-lucky man who always cares for Mother Nature, so much so that he doesn’t even use pesticides on a farm as they harm the soil and other beings who feed on it. Destiny brings him and Tattoo (an alien from another planet) together on a mission to protect Mother Earth from evils like Aryan.

Ayalaan Movie Review
Ayalaan Movie Review Is Out! (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Ayalaan Movie Review: Script Analysis

The story by R Ravikumar is interesting, yet it’s cliched. The same tale of the villain’s lust for power and him facing the resistance from a never-dying hero has been chalked out so many times. But the entire alien angle and the alien’s bonding with Tamizh’s character are engaging and make the film fun to watch.

Alayaan starts slow, and there are some unwanted scenes and songs that could have been avoided. However, the film gets entertaining once it gets to the main plot.

The editing by Ruben is good, especially the transitions between scenes and the way flashback portions are done. The cinematography by Nirav Shah is just about decent.

Ayalaan Movie Review: Star Performance

Sivakarthikeyan has portrayed some interesting characters in his career, and this time, too, he didn’t fail to leave an impression. He, as Tamizh, delivers an earnest performance. His innocence and charm make his character more endearing. He even looks effortless while doing action scenes and dance moves.

Venkat Senguttuvan as Tattoo deserves all the attention for his performance. Even though the alien character has been created using motion capture and CGI, playing such roles requires more effort. Venkat nails it with his expression and adorable act. Also, special mention to Siddharth’s voice modulation, which makes the character of Tattoo more fun and lovable.

Sharad Kelkar, as Aryan, feels evil and pulls off the baddie with ease. However, we have seen him in such roles in the past, and nothing much stands out. Yogi Babu does his job aptly by delivering comic scenes at regular intervals. All the other actors are decent in their parts.

Ayalaan Movie Review
Ayalaan Movie Review Is Out! (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Ayalaan Movie Review: Direction, Music

The bonding between Tamizh and Tattoo is very well presented by R Ravikumar. There are ample of fun moments and some scenes when you’ll shed tears. There are no high points as such, but still, the film feels like a joyful ride due to its light-hearted nature.

Barring a couple of shots, the VFX work is impressive, and it doesn’t come off as artificial while watching on the big screen. The music by AR Rahman is decent, with songs Ayalaa Ayalaa and Suro Suro going well with the narration.

Ayalaan Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Ayalaan isn’t a perfect sci-fi film, but it offers you a good time with its fun and heartwarming moments. Most importantly, it’s a film with good intentions!

Three stars!

Ayalaan Trailer

Ayalaan releases on 12 January, 2024.

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