99 Songs Music Review Ratings: 4.5/5

Music Director: A R Rahman

In these times of remixes and lack of originality, A R Rahman has bestowed upon us one of his biggest music albums for the film 99 Songs. I, personally have been longing for some great, soulful and meaning music and by releasing the entire album, it feels like the music maestro heard me out. 99 Songs music album will take you on a never-ending trip of music with a mix of different kinds of track.

99 Songs Music Review: A R Rahman Gives Us A Musical Treat We Deserve In The Times When Originality Almost Lost Its Touch
99 Songs Music Review: A R Rahman Gives Us A Musical Treat We Deserve In The Times When Originality Almost Lost Its Touch

99 Songs Music Review – Teri Nazar

Teri Nazar starts on a slow note and it ends in the same way. In between the song absorbs you completely. Shashwat Singh’s passionate voice gives a lot of meaning and feelings to the beautiful words penned down by Dilshaad Shabbir Shaikh.

99 Songs Music Review – Jwalamukhi

This song has two versions – Arijit Singh and Poorvi Koutish. Arijit’s version was the first song to be out from the album. Penned by Navneet Virk, the words will haunt you. I love Arijit’s version more because he sings it with such ease and his husky voice blends well with the catchy beats that will take you on some kind of trip.


99 Songs Music Review – O Aashiqa

The pace of O Aashiqa is slower than Teri Nazar from the album. But that’s A R Rahman’s style. The music maestro will take you on his never-ending musical journey with some tracks that let you breathe and O Aashiqa is that one. Written by Navneet Virk and crooned by Shashwat Singh, O Aashiqa has some good high notes which will give you goosebumps followed by a sweet chorus.

99 Songs Music Review – Sofia

Shashwat Singh is truly a gem of a singer and lyricist Navneet Virk knows each vein of A R Rahman’s style of composition. In this one album, Singh sang Teri Nazar and O Aashiqa which are slow in nature. His voice gives a pleasant touch to Sofia and you can imagine how the guy in the film is blown away by the girl he’s falling in love with. I love the use of instruments in this track and I wish they release a video in which we get to see the making of this lovely melody.

99 Songs Music Review – Nayi Nayi

Penny by Navneet along with Raftaar, the latter has lent his voice to his upbeat track along with Shashwat. Nayi Nayi is different from all the songs mentioned above. As someone who has heard all Hindi compositions of Rahman, I can say that Nayi Nayi will remind people of Hawwa Hawwa and Matargashti.

99 Songs Music Review – Humnawaa

Humnawaa has a FANTASTIC piano intro. Crooned by Armaan Malik and Shashaa Tirupati, the lyrics are written by Dilshad Shabbir Shaikh and Abhay Jodhpurkar. I couldn’t connect with the song immediately. Maybe after listening to it multiple times, I can understand the song better. However, Armaan and Shashaa have done a wonderful job together.

99 Songs Music Review – Soja Soja

Soja Soja, sung by Shashaa Tirupati and written by Navneet is the Ruby Ruby from Sanju, which was also composed by Rahman. This trippy track and Shashaa’s striking voice will intoxicate you. When you listen to Soja Soja, you are in for a surprise. When you think it’s over, Shashaa astounds you with her new style every time.

99 Songs Music Review – Gori Godh Bhari

Gori Godh Bhari is sung by wonderful talents like Anuradha Sriram, Alka Yagnik, Shweta Mohan. The lyrics written by Navneet, Gori Godh Bhari is a pure classical track. As the song is about Godh Bharai (baby shower), I am not sure if it will get the reach like the other tracks in the album.

99 Songs Music Review – O Mera Chaand

Bela Shende’s smooth and soulful voice hits you the first time you listen to it. Penned again by Navneet, O Mera Chaand is a descriptive song of a mother’s love to her child. In today’s time, we don’t get to hear such songs. Well, Rahman has brought this early 80s and 90s trend back with this one.

99 Songs Music Review – Veere Kadh De

Written together by Navneet and thoughtsfornow, this is an English track. This song has some Punjabi beats with rap portion and it is crooned by Sarthak Kalyani, Swagat Rathod and thoughtsfornow. This seemed like a song that I can skip from the album but people who love this kind of music, it’s a treat for you.

99 Songs Music Review – The Voice Without Words


Crooned by Poorvi Koutish and written by Navneet, the tempo of this song is slow and it got me into a melancholic mood. Poorvi’s breathy whispers sound hauntingly beautiful and this is one of my favourites from the album.

99 Songs Music Review – Sai Shirdi Sai

A R Rahman can hit you hard with his romantic and heartbreaking compositions, but he is always in his best forms when it comes to devotional songs. Sai Shirdi Sai is a slow and soft devotional track that will bring your mind to peace and take you in a state of solitude. Bela Shende’s voice blends well with the composition along with Munna Shaukat and Navneet Virk’s meaning full and deep lyrics.

99 Songs Music Review – The Oracle

In this journey of 99 Songs’ album, the Oscar-award winner gifts us an instrumental. The nature of this instrumental is soothing yet invigorating. As you dive yourself into this melody, you find your heartbeats racing faster.

The entire music album is available on Gaana. Listen to all the songs and let us know your views in the comments below.

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