In this very special episode of Bindass Love Lock up, Priyanka Chopra arrives at the sets to meet up with Pravesh and get chatting about the lock up, the couples who’ve been here, her own experiences of love and relationships, her valentines day plans and Of course her up coming release Saat Khoon Maaf. Pravesh then walks her through the lock up and tells her about the couple who is about to enter – Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek, who are celebrities in their own right and whose 4 year old live-in relationship is currently in trouble. They love each other immensely but when it comes to marriage Krushna seems to be stalling for time. He, of course, has his own set of reasons and feels before getting married Kashmera needs to alter her lifestyle. Kashmera is fed up of waiting and wants to end this relationship if Krushna is not going to marry her. Priyanka leaves after writing a message on the board in the lock up for the couple.

Kashmera and Krushna are TV celebrities and hence a press conference was organized for them. Strangely enough the two broke into a heated fight right there in front of the press. Krushna walks off leaving an embarrassed Kashmera to face the press. Has their relationship reached the point where even pretences are difficult to maintain?

Love Lockup (Kashmera Shah-Krushna Abhishek Episode Stills)

Kashmera and Krushna inside the Love Lockup
During the press conference Kashmera initiated a fight by talking about Krushna’s family because of which they did not enter the lockup together.
-Inside the lockup they fought about three predominant issues, firstly over Kashmera blaming Krushna’s family; secondly Kashmera spoke ill about Krushna’s father; and thirdly over the issue of weather he is going to marry her or not.
– At night they have an argument over marriage where Kashmera starts crying and Krushna goes ahead and consoles her.
– Next morning Geeta aunty(Krushna’s aunt) enters the lockup and scolds Kashmera for wearing indecent clothes.
– When Kashmera made tea for Geeta aunty she hated the tea and threw the entire cup on the floor.
– Geeta aunty then tells Kashmera to make food and later cribs about it.
– In the presence of Geeta aunty, Krushna brings in the topic of Kashmera being extravagant, after which Aarti (Krushna’s sister) comes inside and supports Kashmera when she was crying.
– During this conversation Geeta aunty calls in for an astrologer to consult about their kundlis.
– According to the astrologer, for Krushna to be happily married he must do a pooja in which he has to get married to a Kumb before marrying Kashmera (the same way Aishwarya Rai got  married) or else it could lead to Krushna getting involved in multiple marriages.- According to the astrologer she is very short tempered and she needs to be sure of which guy she has to get married.- Astrologer also said that out of 36 gunn, 35 are matched and the right time for them to get married is November or December of 2011.
– After the astrologer goes, Geeta aunty accepts Kashmera as her daughter-in-law and gives her a shagun.- Next day Kashmera wakes Krushna up by a little sexy act she has put together.
– Krushna discusses about Kashmera’s male friend (Aryan Vaid and Aman Verma) and how he has a problem with them.
– Jammie (Kashmera’s ex-husbands friend) comes to visit Kashmera inside the lockup. Seeing them gel well Krushna gets angry and asks him to leave.
– After Jammie leaves Kashmera tries to sort out the things by getting cozy and they end up smooching.
–  Next morning Kashmera and Krushna talk about marriage commitments where Krushna refuses to commit.
– They have a huge fight regarding this issue and Kashmera stops talking to Krushna.Finally its judgement time. What will they decide? Can Krushna finally accept Kashmera as she is and commit? Can Kashmera try and figure out a way to fit into his family?

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