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The bigda hua beta Feroz, who lives to party, doesn’t really care about college or a future, and just wants to live for the moment. He lives in Dehradun with his R1, 80 pairs of shoes, 200 pairs of jeans, and countless wristbands and accessories. His bedroom is a converted studio with no windows and blue padding for walls. He has a huge walk-in wardrobe and a lifestyle that would be the envy of any boy in the country. Long hair, piercings, tattoos, women, alcohol and cigarettes.

'Big Switch 2' Episode 1

His father Khursheed Ahmed Khan – builder, politician, businessman, gun owner, lover of the good life – started out penniless and has built his empire from scratch. Supports four sons with their lavish lifestyles, loves his wife and considers her his good luck charm. Hot tempered, angry man.

His mother Rukhsana Khan – a sweet, loving mother caught between the men in her life. Lives for them completely, is a great cook, watches TV and does namaaz in her spare time.

The replacement parents for Feroz – Rajiv and Sunita Mishra, extremely strict, vegetarian, bossy parents who set out to discipline Feroz and make life hell for him in the process – making him jog, exercise, wake up early, stop smoking, change his lifestyle, dress sense, everything! So Feroz ends up fighting, yelling, arguing, and then smashes his mirror, a table, and then his entire bathroom!

'Big Switch 2' Episode 1

The replacement kid for Feroz is a transgender person called Jazz. She is a make-up artist (she is female though she was born male) who was sent in to attack Khursheed’s sense of image. After the initial embarrassment and complete shock and irritation, the parents suddenly bonded with Jazz and then almost adopted her as a daughter. They are still in touch and are continuing to act as foster parents.

In the end, the judges – Feroz’s brothers – decided to give Feroz the win, but Feroz did not agree with them and admitted defeat himself, saying he was nothing without his parents. The family reconciled completely and is talking to each other. Feroz and the dad have given up smoking. Perfect Switch!

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