Salman Khan
Salman Khan

While South Indian stuntmen are known to be the best of the lot when it comes to adventure flicks, this time around actor-turned-director Sohail Khan has suffered tremendously for his preference for a South Indian fight master.

The All India Film Employees Confederation clearly enlists that 70% of the action team has to be Bollywood based and the rest 30% could belong to the team or region of the action masters. However, South action masters are demanding a swooping 50% of their men to shoot for Sohail Khan’s next directorial Mental, starring Salman Khan.

Film Employees Federation of South India is challenging the AIFEC’s rules and forcibly making producers hire a 50% of their stuntmen which is preposterous. Mental has lost a heavy sum of 25 crore due to this clash. A fortnight of shooting in Kolhapur and another week in Lavasa, besides continuing the Dubai shoot was stalled completely due to the ongoing disturbances.

AIFEC has now decided to officially shun the South Indian action directors to avoid such unnecessary financial losses. Many films already prefer local action directors over South Indian ones, despite a possibility of better work from them because of their refusal to adjust with the producers.

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