Rumored to be one of Bollywood’s most elaborately budgeted films, the reboot version of Zanjeer landed in many controversies, the most primary one being that the film’s scriptwriters objected to the remake. Based on a story by Salim-Javed of a 1973 film, Zanjeer is iconic for multiple reasons.

 With Zanjeer, Amitabh Bachchan fortified his hold in Bollywood. Preceeding him, Rajesh Khanna was the superstar who had his distinct era of films. With Zanjeer, Big B acquired his most popular image as Bollywood’s Angry Young Man!

The high budget reboot version of Zanjeer released its first trailer. Made on a grand scale, the trailer itself conveys that the film is more flashy and ornate compared to its last edition. Introducing Ram Charan Teja in the role of Vijay Khanna that Bachchan had immortalized, in the trailer at least he seems adequate. It is the thunderous voice of Vijay that you miss! Kickstarting the trailer with the raging issue of rising petrol prices, it is Sanjay Dutt who plays Pran’s role from the original film, who shines.

Ram Charan Teja in Zanjeer 2013 Movie Stills
Ram Charan Teja in Zanjeer 2013 Movie Stills

Priyanka Chopra seems wasted as appearing to be nothing more than an eye candy in the trailer! It is the other lady in the film, Mahie Gill who supersedes you expectations and gives a flattering impression! Prakash Raj as the villian is absolutely repetitive and for a second it seemed like Dabangg 2‘s trailer more than Zanjeer‘s.

Perhaps the best part was that of Atul Kulkarni’s. As the scheming media man, his verbal duel with Vijay is gripping.

Overall the trailer does manage to adequately interest me, but since remakes are something that in general disappoints me I will keep my expectations modest from this one. A great fan of the original film, the expectation pining on Zanjeer is very high. The trailer moderately does manage to do some justice to the original film in terms of hopes from it. It is still dubious till the release of the film to see how well the Zanjeer fares is terms of content and quality!

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