Ecstatic after a long-awaited victory, fans of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) attribute the performance of the team to the presence of King Khan Shah Rukh Khan, who cheered his side to an eight-wicket victory against Rajasthan Royals at the Eden Gardens on Friday.

In a spectacular show at the Eden, Shah Rukh with daughter Suhana in tow, showed solidarity and support by waving and egging the squad on throughout the game, to tumultuous applause from spectators.

KKR fans on Twitter and Facebook have hailed Shah Rukh as the “lucky mascot” for the knights with charged-up posts that implore the Bollywood ‘badshah’ to be present at all of the team’s forthcoming matches in the Indian Premier League.

Shah Rukh Khan At An Event
Shah Rukh Khan At An Event

“SRK comes and we win the matches. SRK please make it to the other matches also,”ran a comment on a Facebook fan page.

Similarly other pages were abuzz with requests like “King Khan is the lucky mascot for KKR. We want Khan whenever KKR plays” and “KKR’s win is due to SRK. We want SRK.”

Twitterati have been chirping away since the victory of the home team, with tweets that clearly show many regard SRK and KKR synonymously.

“KKR SRK KKR SRK KKR SRK,” tweeted one during the match while a glimpse of the star was enough for some to predict a win.

“SRK is here in Eden. KKR will win for sure. Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo aaj (Today we will fight and win),” reiterated a fan.

Some linked the charged up atmosphere at Eden to Khan’s arrival, which further added to the zeal of the loyal followers.

“KKR fans let us rock the crowd… SRK is here with us,” wrote a fan.

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