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Expectations from Vishesh Films productions are very predictable and very rarely out of the box. The only thing that might change is the name of the composer in the titles; though after listening to the songs one can make out that it’s a trademark Vishesh Films affair. It’s the same deep male voices and varied human emotions wrapped under different names. Murder 3 looks no different. Though producers have been promoting it as a comeback of 1983’s hit Arth, if the music comes even close to what it was in Arth, it would be breaking records. This is what one hopes from very dependable (and Bhatts’ favourite) Pritam. Sayeed Quadri, who was also responsible for lyrics of Murder, pens lyrics for third in the franchise as well.

Randeep Hooda and Sara Loren/Mona Laizza in a still from Murder 3 Movie
Randeep Hooda and Sara Loren/Mona Laizza in a still from Murder 3 Movie

Teri Jhuki Nazar – Murder 3 Music Review

Album begins with Teri Jhuki Nazar rendered by talented Pakistani Singer Shafqat Amanat Ali. What works for him is the feel of longing in his voice which penetrates through a track. Same happens for this one too while Pritam’s music adds on well to catch the emotions well and bring on the right nuances. There is another slow version of this track and that would make an impact with the listener due to an intrinsic heart-warming earnestness and melody. If in the earlier version the music just flew past by, here the singer comes on the forefront but doesn’t ever get overpowering.

Mat Aazma Re – Murder 3 Music Review

KK enters the album with Mat Aazma Re. This track portrays the need and wishes of the protagonist very clearly. By now, KK has done a Masters in singing such tracks and the flow doesn’t change this time around either. Even though it is a clichéd track due to its treatment, one can’t take away the effort and KK’s amazing voice.

Jaata Hai Tujh Tak – Murder 3 Music Review

Jaata Hai Tujh Tak has Nikhil D’Souza crooning on a hip-hop club mix track. Pritam has composed the track with an echo behind each line which does give it a unique feel. However once that gets over, there is nothing much in the track. It seems like any other club track with an interesting chorus. There is another version of the same track, which sounds very similar other than a change in pace and chorus sound. There was a time when such songs used to be a treat; however there have been too many of those in recent times and this one is no different.

Hum Jee Lenge – Murder 3 Music Review

Pakistani Band Roxen are roped in to deliver the next track Hum Jee Lenge. Lead singer Mustafa Zahid renders the track with a lot of passion and desire. Though the guitarist has changed in the band, it’s the guitar that will keep you hooked to the track. Even the slower version, which comes in the end, will definitely entice the listeners. It’s a track with soft rock in it, something that turns out to be groovy. Such songs always find listeners and this one will surely do well, especially with the youth.

The Last Word – Murder 3 Music Review

Overall, it’s a male dominated album as many other Vishesh Films are; though one tends to believe that this is due to requirement of the script and the director’s vision more than anything else. However, it does tend to make the album lopsided and repetitive. After all, it is variety that is always appreciated and helps. In that sense, this one has a chance of turning into a chartbuster album if the movie does really well. Else it would be played for some time and forgotten. Also, it will not become another Cocktail for Pritam. As for comparisons with Arth, at least musically it is out of question.





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