Lock Upp contestant Poonam Pandey says Her Family Was thrown Out From A Society
Lock Upp contestant Poonam Pandey recalls when her family was Kicked Out From A Society(Pic Credit: Instagram)

Kangana Ranaut hosted Lock Upp is getting a raving response for its rawness. Even contestants are leaving no stones unturned to entertain the audience. Every week we hear stories from each participant about their past struggles. Poonam Pandey has been very much vocal about it and yet again she spoke about the time when she couldn’t get a house for her family after they were kicked out from a certain society.

Pandey had her fair share of struggles to find work in the competitive entertainment industry. In earlier episodes, the actress spoke about her ugly relationship with Sam Bombay and how things turned upside down.

In the latest episode of Lock Upp, Poonam Pandey in a conversation with Karanvir Bohra revealed she along with her family was kicked out from a society. She said, “I am talking about just 3-4 years ago. I was with my family – my mom, dad sister. ..we were all living together. We were kicked out of society because it was my family.”

Poonam Pandey added, “Mom and dad did not say anything because I was the only person earning in the family. Have I ever said bad things about anyone? Try finding one such article. All I do is stay in my corner and do my work.”

While calming her down, Karanvir Bohra said, “Tu bhai hai bhai (you are a brother),” while Poonam said, “I stepped out of the hospital and was denied entry in my house. Everyone says I am wrong and bad. People do not try to understand me, but they judge me. At least meet me and try to understand me before you judge me.”

Earlier while recalling how bad her relationship with Sam Bombay was, Poonam Pandey claimed that she suffered a brain haemorrhage due to all the violence.

“Nobody wants something like this to happen to them. Who likes to get beaten up. I had like four floors of house, private garden, private terrace and I had everything. I had a big fuc*ing house. If I am in one room, I am not allowed to be in that room, he would ask me why are you in that room. He would force me to be with him in the room he wanted. When I used to tell him that I wanted some time with myself and fresh air and wanted to go on the terrace, I wasn’t allowed. I was not allowed to take my phone anywhere, and was not allowed to touch my phone in my own house.”

“I said fine I stay and just move around. If I love my dog and sleep with them, he would say I love my dogs more than him. What kind of statement is that? Why should I get fuc** beaten up for loving my dogs? Is that a reason to get a brain haemorrhage? Because I have one,” Poonam Pandey added.

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