These Creepy Dolls In Hollywood Films Will Make You Think Twice Before Keeping Any At Home!
Chucky, Annabelle, Brahms & More – Meets Some Of The Creepiest Dolls In Hollywood Films(Pic Credit: IMDb)

Every girl grew up with at least a dozen dolls – many of which were Barbies. But over the years, films from across the globe – especially Hollywood movies, have shown us that these sweet, innocent looking porcelains can be the root of spine chilling horror.


When dolls come to life and decide to go on a murderous spree, a wonderful enjoyable life takes a 180-degree turn. In fact, some of these creepy dolls have affected people to such an extent that they have removed any of the much-loved playthings from their homes.


Today, we at Koimoi being you 5 Some Hollywood killer dolls have even propped up their own franchises, like Chucky, Billy and Annabelle.

Chucky (Child’s Play)

This 1988 popular Hollywood supernatural slasher film has become a franchise and continues to give people sleepless nights and shivers. Chucky came to be when a serial killer (Charles Lee Ray) performs a voodoo spell and transfers his soul into a plastic Chucky Good Guy doll while on the run from the police. Unknown to a widow, she purchases the doll for her son and what happens turns the family’s life into a living nightmare.

Brahms (The Boy)

The film follows an American nanny Greta who learns that her new client is an inanimate doll that the parents call their son. As Greta spends time in the manor, taking care of ‘the boy’ as per the parents’ instruction, she suspects the doll is alive and has evil intentions. Brahm, who met his demise in a horrible fire, has a chilling twist ending that will give you goosebumps but is worth watching.

Annabelle (Annabelle)

Annabelle, who first appeared in The Conjuring, is not headlining her own franchise. She is easily one of the creepiest and terrifying killer dolls to feature in Hollywood films. Annabelle’s story begins with a satanic cult and demonic possession. After being gifted to an expecting mother, this possessed doll is set on taking her soul at all costs.

Billy (Dead Silence)

Directed by James Wan, this 2007 film featured a creepy doll that has appeared in several films. The film follows a couple receiving an anonymous gift of a ventriloquist doll named Billy. Shortly after, the woman ends up dead and a clue about Mary Shaw, the town’s fabled ventriloquist, is found near her. Mary’s malevolent spirit subsumes Billy and begins an indiscriminate death march that will send shivers down your spine.

Besides Dead Silence, Billy has also featured in the Saw franchise (8 movies), Dead Sentence, Scary Movie 4 and more.

Nikki (Love Object)

Love Object is a Hollywood horror-thriller that makes your skin crawl. The film follows a socially insecure and awkward man who buys a pricey, life-sized, customizable s*x doll to keep him company. After becoming obsessed and treating her like a real-life girlfriend, Kenneth finds love in an attractive new co-worker who he starts dating. Unhappy with not receiving his attention, Nikki feels betrayed, and soon her jealousy spirals out of control.

Which Hollywood movie creepy doll gave you the most chills? Let us know in the comments.

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