Keira Knightley Isn't Interested In Doing S*x Scenes With Male Directors
Keira Knightley Isn’t Interested In Doing Horrible S*x Scenes (Photo Credit – Keira Knightley/Getty)

Hollywood actress Keira Knightley says she will not film any more s*x scenes with male directors as it makes her very uncomfortable.


In the Chanel Connects podcast, the 35-year-old actress admitted that she feels uncomfortable exposing her body on a film set since giving birth to her two daughters, reports


“It’s partly vanity (but) partly also it’s the male gaze,” Keira Knightley said.

“I feel like if I was making a story that was about that journey of motherhood, that journey of the body (acceptance), I feel like I’m sorry, but that would have to be with a female filmmaker. I don’t have an absolute ban, but I kind of do with men,” added Keira Knightley, who has previously done racy scenes in films such as Atonement, The Aftermath and Colette.

Knightley continued: “I don’t want it to be that kind of, ugh, those horrible s*x scenes where you’re all greased up and everybody’s grunting. I’m not interested in doing that.”

The Oscar-nominated actress asserted: “I’m too vain, the body has had two children now, and I’d just rather not stand in front of a group of men naked.”

The actress shares two daughters, Edie, five, and Delilah, 16 months, with her musician husband James Righton.

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