Karan Singh Grover Teaches Us How To Ditch Machines & Use 'Desi Jugaad' For Working Out
Karan Singh Grover’s ‘Desi Jugaad’ For All The Fitness Freaks Is A Must Watch! ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Karan Singh Grover )

I know that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected a lot of our daily routines. From going to work to hitting the gym, a lot has been compromised. But, as they say “Where there is a will there is a way.” People who could not go to the gym yet wanted to stay fit must be finding it a little difficult to work out without their equipment. But, worry not as Karan Singh Grover has all our backs.

If you follow the actor then you must be knowing that the actor is a fitness enthusiast and never skips working out. Even during the lockdown, he made sure to work out every single day in his house. Today I am going to list down all the ‘Jugaad’s’ you can make in your own house if you really want to shed those kilos without hitting the gym. Hopefully, after writing this even I shall get motivated to workout like most of you.




Now, there is no way that your house will not have chairs. This is something which is easily available in every house. So you cannot even make an excuse of unavailability of the equipment for working out. Tired of flabby arms and broad shoulders then this is your Jugaad. Look how easily Karan Singh Grover is able to do this pull.


Who says that you need to have a proper punching bag for boxing? All you need is your will to do anything. If that is strong then nothing can stop you, not even the lack of equipment. Here is another Jugaad by Karan Singh Grover for those who want to box it out. You can see how he is making the most of his potting soil. You can always make a bundle of something similar and put your hands and arms to work.


Never knew I can put my sofa set to any other use other than slouching on it. KSG you are simply a Rockstar! Who would have even though that you can do leg raises with the help of a sofa set? Had I known these tricks earlier, I would have saved a lot of penny which I wasted on my gym fees…hahaha!


want to shape up your back and shoulders but wondering how to do it without proper gym equipment? Here is the best Jugaad by Karan Singh Grover. Just grab that wall and hang in there. These pulls will surely help you built that strength.

So are you going to try any of these tricks now? Share your experience of working out with these Jugaad’s in the comments section below. Happy Workout people!

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