Here’s Why Kapil Sharma Arrived In A Wheelchair
The Reason Behind Kapil Sharma Arriving In A Wheelchair Revealed ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Koimoi )

Kapil Sharma was recently spotted in a wheelchair coming out of the airport. As much as the fact that he was in a wheelchair did not become the talk of the town, his banter with the paps went viral. Apparently, the comedian lost his cool on the photographers who were trying to click him and went on to call them ‘Ullu Ke Patthe’.


Now, this isn’t the first time when Kapil indulged in a public fight. But, what everyone is still wondering is what exactly happened to the comedian? Why did he arrive in a wheelchair? Keep scrolling further to know more.


Obviously, when a celebrity arrives in a wheelchair, that grabs a lot of attention, and something similar happened with the paps who were present at the airport. But what happened next changed the attention from the comedian arriving in a wheelchair to the comedian hurling abuses to the media. But, wondering why Kapil Sharma had to sit in a wheelchair, Spotboye has reported the exact reason.

When Kapil Sharma was asked about this, he replied, “bus gym me thorra back injury ho gyi, it will b fine in a few days, thank you for the concern regards.”

So, now you know why the comedian arrived in a wheelchair. It is just a back injury which will be alright in a few days.

There are many times when someone wants to be left alone, and maybe Kapil Sharma had one of those days, which is why he did not greet the paps warmly. Well, we don’t know who to blame here? But, for sure, now the comedian will be very careful every time he has to step out of any airport.

What do you have to say about this injury and Kapil’s behaviour? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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