On Supriya Pathak’s Birthday, We List Some Of Hansa’s One Liners From Khichdi We Are Guilty Of Using!
Supriya Pathak’s Hansa From Khichdi Is Iconic & We Are All Still Following Her Footsteps(Pic credit – Still )

Supriya Pathak, when we take this name, what is the first image that pops in your mind? For us, it the slow, innocent and absolutely adorable Hansa Parakh from the much loved Indian sitcom, Khichdi. We bet, almost every kid born in the ’90s and early ’00s has seen at least one episode of Hats Off comedy series.

Many still re-watch the episodes all thanks to the antics of Anang Desai’ Tulsidas aka Babuji, Rajeev Mehta’s Praful, Supriya’s Hansa, Vandana Pathak’s Jayshree and Jamnadas Majethia’s Himanshu. We know, some of you are already starting to picture those hilarious situations from the show.

Khichdi first premiered on Star Plus on September 10, 2002. It was then renewed for a second season, titled Instant Khichdi, on Star One from 2005 to 2006. The third season, Khichdi Returns, aired on Star Plus in 2018. Between the second and third season, Anang Desai, Rajeev Mehta, Supriya Pathak and Jamnadas were roped in to star in a film of the same name.

Today on Supriya Pathak’s birthday, we bring you some of her famous one-liner we all are guilty of using more than a dozen times in our lives.

“Eh Praful, What Is?”

Supriya’s Hansa said this dialogue to several different people on the show but mostly directed to her loving husband, Praful. While her innocence is something that we still can’t get over, Praful’s replies were not only out of the box but out of the world too.

How many of you have said “What is?” in the same style Hansa? And how many times??

“Hello, How Are, Khana Kha Ke Jaana”

Every kid who watched this show has more than once imitated Supriya Pathak’s Hansa and welcomed guests by saying “Hello, How Are, Khana Kha Ke Jaana.” I’m guilty of still doing it, especially when my cousins (who I watched this show with as a kid) come over after a long time.

“Ae Chal Chal Kuch Bhi Mat Bol”

We all have our own ways of calling people out on their bulls*it and so did Supriya’s Hansa. In all her innocence, she used to say “Ae Chal Chal Kuch Bhi Mat Bol.” Those expressions where she still doesn’t believe what your saying is something we don’t know if anyone else can pull off.

“Hey Bhagwan, Yeh Babuji Bhi Na”

We have definitely substituted the work ‘Babuji’ to suit the person we are talking to. The frustration with which Supriya Pathak delivers this dialogue, making it seem like the root cause of all their problems is the male patriarch of the family will make you chuckle.

“Hi, I am a Hansa. This is a Jayshree and this is a Himanshu”

We all love our family and love introducing them to our friends. But Supriya Pathak’s Hansa is a league ahead – she introduces them to everyone who visits their house too. And the way she introduces them is funny as hell! She greets all by telling them her name, followed by new sister-in-law and brother.

Have you imitated her while irritating your sibling? Drop-in a comment if you have.

“Main Toh Thak Gayi Bhaisaab”

Who all reading this can relate to Hansa? I can even after simply boiling two cups of water to make Maggi! And I know there are thousands out there who feel the same and have delivered this dialogue either to their sisters or friends. Mom doesn’t count because she would take the closest thing near her and drive the laziness away.

Check out these videos to hear Supriya Pathak deliver some of these fantastic one-liners we heard by Hansa:

Happy Birthday, Supriya Pathak!

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