When Seo Yea-ji Of 'It's Okay To Not Be Okay' Had Her Career Nearly Destroyed For Controlling Then-Boyfriend Kim Jung-Hyun
When ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ Star Seo Yea-ji Had Her Career Nearly Destroyed For ‘Controlling’ Her Then-Boyfriend Kim Jung-hyun of ‘CLOY’ Fame, Asking Him To Act ‘Cold’ Toward Female Co-Stars (Photo Credit: Instagram)

South Korean stars, be they K-pop idols or K-drama actors, are known for amassing a huge fan following. More than stans lesser than lovers, these fans worship the ground their favorite celebs walk on. Fandoms in Korea create their cartels, but all the fluffs and finger hearts turn into backlash and criticism once these stars perpetrate a wrong move, meaning Koreans are as critical of their celebs as they are supportive. Today, we will share how Seo Yea-ji, who became an international sensation after the success of her Netflix web-series’ It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,’ nearly had her entire career destroyed after shocking details from her personal life surfaced on the internet.

It’s no secret that Seo Yea-ji once shared a passionate romantic relationship with ‘Crash Landing On You’ star Kim Jung-hyun. Both were the ideal couple with eyes only for each other until it was revealed that the ‘Lawless Lawyer’ actress was allegedly ‘controlling’ in their relationship with circumstantial proof.

Seo, who reportedly began dating Kim after featuring together in the 2018 romance film ‘Stay with Me,’ allegedly turned controlling when he was starring in Time series in the same year. In 2021, Dispatch reported that the actress demanded her boyfriend to decline to film any romantic scenes with his co-star Seohyun, of K-pop band Girls’ Generation. Kim Jung-Hyun also caught attention in 2018 when he gave Seohyun a weird look when she tried to grab his arm to pose for pictures.

Dispatch also exposed some messages allegedly exchanged between Seo Yea-ji and Kim Jung-hyun, showcasing she allegedly pressured the ‘CLOY’ star to change the script and delete romantic scenes featuring any sort of physical contact. She reportedly also asked him to “act cold” toward female co-stars and staff, ensuring he did not interact with any female staff or his co-star on set. After constant persuasion from Seo Yea-ji, Kim reportedly used his eating disorder as an excuse for the team to change the storyline of the drama.

Seo Yea-ji later addressed the controversy, releasing a statement to apologize for the inconvenience and hurt caused to her fans. “All of this stemmed from my immaturity, and I will work hard to behave more carefully in the future and show you a more mature version of myself,” she said.

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