What Will Cinemas Do During The World Cup? (Komal Nahta)

What will the cinemas do next month as there are such few releases due to World Cup cricket?
Many cinemas will be forced to suspend many shows during the month of March due to two reasons: lack of playing programmes and lack of audience.

It is said, Hindi films know no logic. Yet, your reviews point out the illogicalities in films. Why?
When people say, Hindi films know no logic, what they mean is that, illogical things can also be passed off in films. But that doesn’t mean, any and every illogicality would be accepted.Our reviews point out only those illogicalities which irritate the audience and come in the way of the box-office performance of the films.

There was a time when top stars never worked in art films. But today every top star wants to do art films too. Why?
For critical acclaim and awards. Plus, with the multiplex culture coming in, even the so-called art films work at the box-office sometimes.

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