Tracing IPL Salaries Of Andre Russell
Tracing IPL Salaries Of Andre Russell (Photo Credit – Instagram)

It’s always been exciting to watch overseas players play Indian Premier League, aka IPL. Over the years, there have been several players who left an impact with their extraordinary talent. One such is Andre Russell, who even glimpsed his dangerous striking abilities in IPL 2024. Can you guess how much salary he’s earning? Keep reading to know more!

For those who don’t know, Russell is one of the star all-rounders of the West Indies team. While his ability to strike the ball hard is known to all, his bowling, too, has always been impressive. Also, he’s a phenomenal fielder. So, one can call him a complete package and a perfect fit for IPL.

Andre Russell started his IPL career in 2012 when he played for Delhi Daredevils. For his debut season, Russell received 2.26 crores. In 2013, he remained with the same team, but his salary was hiked, and he got 2.39 crores. In 2014, he joined the camp of Kolkata Knight Riders, which proved to be a turning point in his IPL career.

KKR bought Andre Russell for just 60 lakh, and at the same price, he remained with the team for the next three seasons. In 2018, Russell was again retained by the team, but this time, he was given a massive hike in salary. For that year, he received 8.50 crores. At the same price, Russell played for KKR for the next three years.

In 2022, Andre Russell saw the biggest hike of his IPL career, and one can say that Russell was given his due price as he had proved himself to be a match-winner on several occasions. For those who aren’t aware, the powerful hitter was given a salary of 12 crores. He was paid an exact amount for 2023.

In 2024, KKR again decided to use Andre Russell’s match-winning abilities by retaining him. However, this time, his salary was further increased, and he was given the highest price of his career, 16 crores. If a comparison is made between this amount and Russell’s debut salary of 2.26 crores, it’s a massive growth of 607.96%.

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