Why Didn't Zayn Malik Attend Gigi Hadid's Father's Birthday Party?
Gigi Hadid & Siblings Arranged Birthday Party For Their Father But Zayn Malik Didn’t Attend (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid always have remained a talk of social media due to their romance. The couple became parents a couple of months back thus maximising the fans’ happiness.

However, Zayn Malik is in the news right now for not so right reasons. The singer didn’t attend the birthday party of Gigi Hadid’s father Mohamed Hadid. Reportedly, Bella Hadid & Gigi along with other siblings had organised a birthday party for their father but Zayn didn’t become a part of it.



As per Daily Mail, the Gigi Hadid along with sisters and brother Anwar Hadid had a meal together at a restaurant and went back. However, in the pictures that were shared, Zayn Malik was nowhere to be seen. While it made many people talk, some fans also said that he couldn’t attend because he might be out of town.

Recently, Gigi Hadid’s father Mohamed Hadid has been accused of lying after he claimed he’s facing a huge $60 million loss over his controversial Los Angeles mega-mansion. He was ordered to demolish the property after the Supreme Court declared the home a “clear and present danger.” The 71 years old real estate agent claims to owe $15 million in court judgments against him and has had to ‘drastically downsize’ from a 48,000 sq ft home to a more ‘modest’ ranch-style property.

Meanwhile recently on Halloween 2020, Gigi Hadid decided to give fans a look at their happy family. The model took to Instagram and shared the first family photo, wherein we can see the model, former One Direction singer and baby ZiGi in the same frame dressed up for the occasion. Zayn has also channelled his love for Harry Potter.

Gigi Hadid, who shared the family picture on her Insta story, looked like she was out of a virtual game in her blue ensemble. While Zayn Malik dressed up in a white shirt, green tie to denote the house of Slytherin and a black sweater over it. However, it was baby ZiGi that took the limelight.

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