Robert Pattinson Once Opened Up About Shooting An Intimate Scene With Julianne Moore
When Robert Pattinson Was ‘Sweating Crazy’ While Shooting An Intimate Scene With Julianne Moore (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Hot s*x scenes may look steamy onscreen but it is one of the most awkward scenes that actors have to go through. If you thought that being an actor meant that you got paid to romance hot stars, wait till you hear Robert Pattinson’s embarrassing story.

Pattinson and Julianne Moore had worked together in the 2014 film Maps to the Stars, which was directed by David Cronenberg. The film had a steamy hot scene between the two stars, however, things did get a little (uncomfortably) steamy between the two actors.

While Robert Pattinson is not the one to shy away from s*x scenes, real as they might get, but the intimate scene made him a bit awkward and self-conscious. Talking about the incident to Heat Magazine, he said, “I sweat like a f**king crazy person. I was trying to literally catch drops of sweat to stop them from hitting her back! Afterwards, she was like ‘Are you having a panic attack?’ It was so embarrassing.”

Previously, we also revealed how Ryan Reynolds lost his ability to speak when Olivia Wilde played a prank on him while filming a s*x scene on the sets of the 2011 film The Change-Up. He said, “So in the scene, she’s sitting there, and I take her top off, I take her bra off, and she has those pasties on, but she’s drawn these adorable little smiley faces on them. And I forget every line in the scene. Not just from this movie, from every movie I’ve done. At some point in the scene, she takes my hands and puts them on her breasts. I take my hands away, and I look down at my hands, and there are two frickin’ smiley faces on them and I have no idea what to do. And I reflexively, like an idiot, just put my hands right back on her breasts!”

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