Spider-Man: No Way Home Promotions Done With Fan Posters At Movie Theatres
Spider-Man: No Way Home Fan Posters Used For Promotions At Movie Theatres (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to release on December 17 after being delayed a couple of times due to COVID. The film is a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four and was initially going to hit the theatres in July but was pushed back as the studio had to rework the release schedule.

This movie is going to be the third instalment in the Spider-Man franchise. It is also one of the most anticipated comic book movies. The film is rumoured to pay homage to Sony’s past with the franchise. Marvel and Sony are amid a partnership of the franchise while Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man-related characters.

Only five months to go but Sony, who’s handling the promotions, still hasn’t put up any trailer or a teaser poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, that hasn’t stopped the movie theatres from promoting the film. Culture Crave shared a picture on Twitter, of the marquees of two movie theatres, Cinepalace and Westown Movie.

These theatres are using posters made by fans among their upcoming releases. Westown Movies in Delaware have even used artist Nuno Sarnadas’ poster on their official theatre website. These posters made by fans indicate the hype created by the franchise and around Spider-Man: No Way Home which can become the biggest blockbuster of 2021.

The smaller movie theatres are more eager to start marketing for the movie while the larger theatres can only use official marking materials. There are times when the smaller theatres use fan art, sometimes even by accident. The real look the fans have gotten for the movie is the merchandise. The wait for the promotions has made the fan wonder what’s the reason behind the delay as MCU has previously produced and is marketing with Loki and other projects this year.

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