When Michael Jackson Escaped 9/11 Attacks Due To Oversleeping
When Oversleeping Saved Michael Jackson Escaping The 9/11 Attacks(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson has been known for many things like his music, dance moves, concerts and shimmering costumes. Everyone is aware of him and his groovy songs. However, only a few know that the late pop legend once cheated death. Yes, you read that right.

20 years ago, one of the most devastating attacks occurred that caused many casualties. The September 11 attacks, also known as 9/11 were a series of terrorist attacks in the US. Jackson, who was present in New York, where one of the attacks occurred on the Twin Towers, narrowly escaped from dying due to oversleeping.



According to a biography written by Michael Jackson’s mother, the singer could have been one of the victims of the 9/11 attacks. The singer had an appointment that was scheduled to take place in the Twin Towers. However, he overslept that day and missed it, according to The Mirror.

Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson wrote in his biography titled You Are Not Alone: Michael: Through a Brother’s Eyes, that “Thankfully, none of us had had a clue that he was due at a meeting that morning at the top of one of the Twin Towers,”

The King of Pop had overslept because of staying up late talking to his mother Katherine Jackson. The biography told that Jackson said to his mother, “She, Rebbie [Jackson] and a few others had left him there around 3am ‘Mother, I’m okay, thanks to you.” He continued, “You kept me up talking so late that I overslept and missed my appointment.”

Michael Jackson survived to share this tale of escaping one of the deadliest attacks that took the lives of almost 3000 people. However, the singer died eight years after due to cardiac arrest at the age of 50.

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