When Lindsay Lohan Called Out 'Acting Rival' Amanda Bynes For Not Facing Jail After Alleged Hit & Run
Lindsay Lohan Called Out ‘Acting Rival’ Amanda Bynes ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia; Instagram )

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes have a lot in common. They both rose to prominence as child actors and parlayed their fame into teen rom-com stardom. In addition to their career trajectory, they both faced similar public downfalls after repeatedly getting into trouble with the law. Lohan even called out Bynes for evading the gulag after her hit-and-run when the “Parent Trap” actress was not afforded that luxury.

In the 2010s, Disney star Lindsay Lohan and Nickelodeon darling Amanda Bynes dominated tabloid headlines for many driving infractions. Lohan’s career was derailed following a string of arrests and DUIs. She was also involved in public battles with her parents over control of her finances and lost a series of roles, eventually entering rehab.

Shortly after acting rival Amanda Bynes, who came up in the industry at the same time she did, began taking up driving infractions, Lohan took to Twitter to highlight the injustice of how California law treats other former child stars.

In 2012, Amanda Bynes went on a hit-and-run spree under the influence of alcohol. Shortly after she was charged with a third hit and run, Lindsay Lohan took to Twitter and questioned why Bynes was not incarcerated.

“Why did I get put in jail, and a Nickelodeon star has had NO punishment(s) so far?” Lohan tweeted in 2012.

Lohan added, “These are the moments that I appreciate my life experiences, living without regrets and Disney for supporting me as an actress.”

Shortly After, US Weekly, citing Amanda Bynes’s friend, reported the Nickelodeon star “obsessively hates Lindsay. She rambles about ‘that bitch Lindsay’ all the time.”

A decade after her public downward spiral, Lohan rebounded from the controversies and was even seen on the Netflix rom-com Irish Wish.

Meanwhile, Bynes, who struggles with Mental health issues, has retreated from the spotlight.

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