Leonardo Dicaprio Had Several Near-Death Experience But The One That Scared Him The Most Was The Plane’s Engine Catching Fire – Read
When Leonardo Dicaprio Recalled Thinking He Died While Flying To Russia With A Flight Full Of Russians(Pic Credit: Episode Still)

Leonardo DiCaprio has more near-death experience in real life than some actors have with the characters they play on-screen. From having a shark jump in his cage while swimming with them in the ocean to his parachute getting tangled mid-air while sky-diving he isn’t afraid to risk it all for an adrenaline rush. But do you know which experiences of his didn’t quite go as planned?


Well, we are here to tell you about it. While Leo took extreme risks in the above two mentioned incidents, he has a close brush with death – that left him shaken, when his flight heading to Russia had its engine burst into flames.


During a 2016 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host asked Leonardo DiCaprio “the scariest thing you have ever done?” Being his blunt self, the ‘Don’t Look Up’ said it was his flight to Russia. Explaining the incident in detail, he said, “I was on a plane to Russia, and the engine exploded. I was looking out the window and the entire engine just turned into a fireball.”

Narrating what was happening around him at the same time, he said, “Then the stewardess came out and said, ‘We seem to have a slight problem here.’ A Russian guy finally said, ‘What is the problem? (with a Russian accent)’. And she said, ‘Well, we lost one of our engines.’ And he said, ‘How many engines did we have?’ She goes, ‘Well, we had two. Now we have one.’ Check out the video here:


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Luckily, as worked well and the flight landed safely. As per reports at the time of the incident, the pilot made an emergency landing and everyone on the flight walked away unharmed. Talking about what happened after they alighted the plane, Leonardo DiCaprio said, “All of our tires exploded and there was a hundred different ambulances there and it was on CNN. That was another bummer.”

We are happy you were fine Leo!

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