When Jackie Chan Suffered Burns, Cuts, Dislocated Pelvis & More While Filing The Mall Jump In Police Story – Here’s Why It Is One Of His Riskiest Stunts To Date!
When Jackie Chan Suffered 2nd Degree Burns, Almost Got Electrocuted & Sustained More Injuries Filming Police Story Stunt, Recalls His Stuntman Giving Him A Religious Charm For Protection(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Actors using stunt doubles to ace dangerous and live threatening stunts is a common practice, but Jackie Chan is one star who prefers doing them himself. The 69-year-old Chinese star has given the work some of the most dangerous and jaw-dropping stunts – but they have also resulted in him sustaining some severe injuries and almost losing his life.

Today, we are talking about one such stunt that left the ‘Rush Hour’ star electrocuted, burnt and with several injuries and dislocations. The stunt in question is the shopping mall scene from the 1985 film Police Story. Read on to know about it.



As reported by Movieweb, filming the mall slide from Police Story was one of the riskiest and most ambitious stunts of Chan’s career. Talking about the stunt, it saw Chan not only jump down the entire height of a mall but do it without any safety wires or padding. In addition to hurting himself because of the height, many other factors also posed a serious risk to Chan’s life – like being electrocuted because of the Christmas lights.

As per the report, Jackie Chan and his team had no time or opportunity to rehearse the stunt as they were under pressure to wrap up the shoot and leave the mall ready for opening the next morning. The stunt – that saw him jump on a pole decorated with Christmas lights and slide down it before crashing through glass left him with a fractured finger, 2nd Degree burns on his palms, a deep cut on his forearm, a dislocated pelvis bone, injuries to his 7th and 8th vertebrae and electrically shocked. The stunt could very well, have paralyzed him.

In a retelling of shooting this jaw-dropping dangerous Police Story stunt to IGN, Jackie Chan revealed one of his stuntmen put a religious charm in his pocket right before the cameras rolled – despite him not believing in it. Despite the severity of the injuries he sustained, the Ride On actor was right back up to keep the sequence going. Check out the video here:

Check out Jackie Chan’s daredevil shopping mall stunt here:

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