Jennifer Lawrence Awkward Moment
Jennifer Lawrence Recalled When She Mistook Unknown Lady As Elizabeth Taylor ( Photo Credit – Still from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon )

Jennifer Lawrence, known for her role as Tiffany in the Silver Linings Playbook has had various awkward and embarrassing encounters. Once she also got herself arrested at London airport by a customs officer when she lied about her passport expiry date. Adding to her encounters, she once mistook an older woman for Elizabeth Taylor, without realizing the veteran actress had already passed away.

From falling face-first while accepting the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence has headlined for her embarrassing encounters along with her acting skills. Read on ahead where she explains her another embarrassing encounter during the promotion of her 2012 ‧ Romance/Drama film Silver Linings Playbook.

During a conversation on The Tonight Show, Jennifer Lawrence recalled an incident where she got into a conversation with a woman whom she was convinced was legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor. She says, “I’m just like in a corner like drinking champagne like I know and older women approached me and in my head, I just went this is Elizabeth Taylor who was dead at the time”.

Sadly, the Hollywood veteran Elizabeth Taylor passed away on 23 March 2011 and JLaw was unaware of the fact. She adds, “The whole time she’s talking to me I’m like oh my god no. She’s complimenting me and I was like it was like me no and then you your movies that I can’t name and your fashion moments but I don’t know. I’m like I was like you were unbelievable”

Jennifer Lawrence’s encounter with the unknown lady who she thought was Elizabeth Taylor was stopped by her friends. JLaw adds, “Then my friend walks by and I grabbed her and I was like oh this is Elizabeth Taylor and she was like no it’s not”

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