When BTS' Jungkook Proved To Be Smartest Of The Lot Deceiving Ashton Kutcher By Being A Cameraman In A 'Hide & Seek' Game
When BTS Singer Jungkook Tries To Hide From Actor Aston Kutcher By Becoming A Cameraman While Playing Hide & Seek With Him(Photo Credit: Still From Show)

BTS is one of the famous boy bands from South Korea and is known for their songs like Dynamite and Butter, which are famous worldwide! Today let’s take a trip memory down the lane when the boy band appeared in the Late Late Show with James along with guest Aston Kutcher.

The clip from the show has surged back on the online platform wherein we could witness the boys having a lot of fun with the Two and a Half Men actor. The video showed the members playing hide and seek with Aston and host James Corden. Here the latter two had to find the boys. The video was wildly entertaining for the fans.



The BTS members had interesting spots to hide! namely, RM hiding behind the curtains, Jin inside the photo booth, Suga was among the production team. Well, he tried to blend in but he was soon caught because of his hair. While everyone was found quite quickly Jungkook was not so easy to be found. The singer was hidden at the very least expected place, that is right in front of James and Aston. For a moment the two findings could not see the singer as he pretended to be a cameraman. It was because of RM that Jungkook was caught.

Looking at the video the super happy Army had claimed that Jungkook is the most creative out of the other BTS members. Comment by fan read, “I think Jungkook is a pro in this game ….literally camouflaging himself in the set….he is OP!” Another comment said, “This shows how much Jungkook’s mind is creative he is talented in everything.” One more comment on this video said, “Jungkook…..played it in EPIC way!!! Literally, nobody would’ve found him if RM didn’t helped.”

Watch the funny clip below here:

On the professional front, BTS is preparing for their upcoming song My Universe which is a collaboration with Coldplay. The song is going to be released on September 24.

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