3 Brothers From Bolivia Let Highly Venomous Black Widow Bite Them In Hope Of Getting Superpowers Like Spiderman
What! Spiderman Fans Let Highly Venomous Black Widow Bite Them With A Hope Of Acquiring The Superhero’s Powers

In a bizarre incident three brothers aged 8,10, and 12 residing in Chayanata, Bolivia, provoked a deadly, and one of the most venomous spiders in the world, Black Widow to bite them. Yes, you read it right. Most people would maintain a safe distance and try avoid getting bitten by the arthropod. But these three brothers did the exact opposite with a common goal i.e to gain superpowers like their favourite superhero, Spiderman.


As per a report from Mirror, the three brothers were grazing their sheeps, while their mother was busy collecting woods. The trio came across the deadly black widow and instead of maintaining a safe distance and ignoring the venomous creature, the brothers provoked it with a stick. As expected and as they wanted the angry spider bite all three.


But things went from bad to worse when the trio began suffering from severe muscle pain, abdominal cramps, increased heart rate, and muscle spasms. After learning the incident, all three of them were rushed to a nearby hospital by their mother. But unfortunately, their condition didn’t improve following which, the trio was taken to a children’s hospital the next day on time and with proper medication the health of the Spiderman fan brothers finally improved.

Black Widows are one of the deadliest creatures found in North & South America. They avoid coming into contact with humans. But if provoked they won’t hesitate to bite with their full force. Their venom is highly toxic and if bitten an immediate treatment is a must.

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