When Avengers: Endgame Actor Chris Evans AKA Captain America Found His Superhero In ‘Thor’ Chris Hemsworth
When Avengers: Endgame Actor Chris Evans AKA Captain America Found His Superhero In ‘Thor’ Chris Hemsworth

If you are a part of Marvel, the unprecedented fame is inevitable. Same was the case was with the Avengers: Endgame actors, be it Robert Downey Jr aka Iron Man, Josh Brolin aka Thanos or Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye. However, Chris Evans who plays Captain America had his doubts about being a part. But here’s how Chris Hemsworth aka Thor came to his rescue.

It all happened during the podcast of The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter. Chris Evans revealed how he was unsure about playing Captain America. Well, it had nothing to do with the role, or script. Chris had his own insecurities and was constantly dealing with anxiety.

The 9-film deal was huge, but our Steve Rogers was scared as he shared, “My suffering would be my own.” Although the actor declined the role multiple times, Marvel was keen on having him on-board. The makers even promised him a role without any testing. It was then that ‘Thor’ Chris Hemsworth came into the picture. He turned out to be Evans’ guardian angel!

Although he was finally a part of the franchise, he was still learning to deal with the newfound fame. However, he found his comfort in the Thor actor who was dealing with something similar. Talking about the same, “It was nice having Chris Hemsworth around because he was going through it, too. I mean, at the time Downey’s Robert Downey Jr (that famous) and Scarlett’s Scarlett (Johansson). And (Mark) Ruffalo and (Jeremy) Renner, at the time, were crushing it, too. Hemsworth and I were very new and we also had the stand-alones and so I think we shared in our anxiety, and at least that made it a little bit more comforting,” revealed Chris Evans.

Well, we’re glad that Thor and Captain America were there for each other. It’s like that celebratory moment when Captain America ended up picking Thor’s hammer. Isn’t it?

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