Peter Dinklage on being Scourge in 'Transformers': 'He's the boss!'
Peter Dinklage on being Scourge in ‘Transformers’: ‘He’s the boss!’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Peter Dinklage, best known for his roles of Lord Tyrion Lannister in ‘Game Of Thrones’ and Bolivar Trask in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ spoke about his upcoming role in ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts’ as its antagonist Scourge, whom he will be voicing.

In an interview with ‘Screen Rant’, he described Scourge. Peter Dinklage said: “He’s the boss, but he also has a boss in Unicron. He has to answer to that guy who eats planets, so he’s a bit of a threat. And I think it’s just because he’s treated so poorly by that guy, he just transfers that down to his minions.”



“They’re like locusts, right? They just want to consume, destroy, and they don’t have any moral compass, so why not? But it’s a lot of fun. Villains are, in my experience, the most fun you can have at the movies because they don’t care.”

When asked about the direction of the movie, Peter Dinklage said: “Freshness; fun. I love that this takes place in the ’90s. I moved from Vermont to New York City in ’91. I lived in Williamsburg throughout the ’90s up until about 2002, which seemed like the set of a Transformers movie, the desolate streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the ’90s.”

“I knew the world very well; that time period and the music. It was that time of real, just sort of, you felt the world changing, but it hadn’t fully gone there yet.”

Shifting its era from the 1980’s in ‘Bumblebee’, ‘Rise of the Beasts’ takes place in the 1990s and will draw from the Beast Wars storyline of the old Transformers animated franchise.

In the movie, Optimus Prime and his Autobot faction team up with another pair of Transformers hiding on Earth for a long time, the Maximals.

A pair of beast-like machines, the Maximals, are commanded by Optimus Primal to deal with the horrible threat facing them, the two factions team up to fight the Terracons under the command of Scourge who serve the planet-consuming machine god called Unicron. A sequel to ‘Bumblebee’, ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts’ hits theatres on June 9.

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