Tom Holland Wants Spider-Man To Spend Maximum Runtime With Deadpool
Tom Holland As Spider-Man Aiming At Joining Forces With Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool? (Pic Credit: Getty)

Marvel Cinematic Universe is ever-expanding, and the possibilities of permutations and combinations of actors is a probability one can never deny. Why do we discuss this today? If you are a fan of the Marvel comics, you must be knowing how big a part of them is Spider-Man, and Deadpool’s union is. But in the real world of film, that seemed to be an impossible move as the two belonged to different studios. But seems like Tom Holland and Ryan Reynolds’ stars have aligned.


It isn’t any secret that ever since Marvel God laid their hands on Fox and the acquisition happened, Merc had a shuffle in bosses. Now if he is really happy is also fodder for rumours, today’s update is a bit different. It feels like Tom has a dream to work with every popular Marvel star in his span with the studio and the next on his wish list is Reynolds’ Funny Assassin. Read on to know everything you should about this big update of the day.


Tom Holland is already returning for Spider-Man: No Way Home, and that news exciting enough to catch the fans’ frenzy. Now as we all wait for the new updates on that film, Tom has expressed one more wish reportedly. As per We Got This Covered, the actor has now said that he wants to share a screen with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. And not just that, he wants to spend maximum screentime on the project if that ever happens.

Well, it doesn’t seem to be the most impossible thing right now. As Merc is anyways with the Marvel bosses and the comics support this union too. But the question is, will Ryan Reynolds agree to join hands with Tom Holland? We all know how religious he is with Deadpool. But the two actors have been good friends. We saw the Aviation Gin owner send over a hamper to Holland just when he was about to quit alcohol.

What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comments section below. Stick to Koimoi for more!

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