Chris Hemsworth Follows A Strict Fitness Regime- Deets Inside!
Chris Hemsworth’s Fitness Routine Details!(Pic Credit: Instagram)

Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, may play the role of the God of Thunder on screen, but in real life, he is a god of fitness. The actor’s MCU role got him fame. Fans across the globe fell in love with the actor’s looks and bulging biceps. Currently, the actor is prepping for the release of Thor: Love and Thunder.


It is the fourth instalment of his solo adventure as the MCU superhero. The excitement grows as we reach closer to the premiere date. While its release is still a few weeks away, let’s take a look at Hemsworth’s fitness secret.


Chris Hemsworth’s guide to the buffed-up body includes cardio. The actor makes sure to include that in his fitness routine. This includes a bunch of sprints on a treadmill or a bike but prefers assault bike workouts to a run.

Weight Training


Another important thing that Chris Hemsworth does is this. His trainer, Luke Zocchi, revealed that the actor hits the gym five times a week. He divides the chest, legs, shoulders, arms, and core equally and follows the push and pull technique. Zocchi also said that bodyweight circuits and iron circuits are also a part of it.

Martial Arts

Several stars like to go beyond the basic gym training and indulge in a sport like boxing or defense training like martial arts. The Thor: Love and Thunder star prefers it to be a part of his routine. He also does combat sports and Muay Thai- a popular form of boxing in Thailand.

High Protein Diet

Exercise and breaking a sweat are important but are incomplete with a proper diet. Chris Hemsworth likes to follow a high protein diet six to eight times a day, every two to three hours. It is said that the actor relies on animal proteins like chicken breast, eggs, steak, and fish, but he also incorporates his greens, cheese, and brown rice.

This doesn’t mean that Chris doesn’t have cheat days. He does and that includes a little bit of ice cream and chocolate!

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