Matt Damon Confirms Playing Fake Loki In Thor: Love And Thunder
Thor: Love And Thunder To Have Matt Damon Reprise Fake Loki, Confirms The Actor ( Photo Credit – Still ; IMDb )

We also know a lot about Thor: Love And Thunder and we also probably don’t know anything about it, it’s a weird trajectory to be in. Well, we already seen the cast hanging out all over Australia during the filming, that’s how we got to know about Christian Bale’s presence. Well, there is more than what has met the eyes. While the movie is in post-production now, Chris Hemsworth is going to be joined by Loki, not the real one though is what we hear.

Thor: Love And Thunder is one of the most anticipated Marvel projects right now. There are too many reasons to be excited from Chris Hemsworth super bulking up his body to Taika Waititi taking over the director’s seatback; we are expecting a laugh riot. But while all of those points to be excited about remain, Matt Damon is here to add one more. If you are an ardent fan, you already know what that is. Read on to know everything and also what Matt has to say exactly.

Taika Waititi has already labelled his Thor: Love And Thunder a crazy ride and one that should not make any sense. In that case, if we shockingly cross paths with characters that do not fit the bill for this flick, we won’t be surprised. Now if a Screenrant report is to be believed, Matt Damon has now revealed that he is reprising fake Loki in the fourth instalment of the Thor franchise.

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