Batman is a tremendously popular character across the globe and is amongst the beloved ones due to its characteristics. To date, several actors like George Clooney, Christian Bale, Will Arnett, have played the famous character and brought their own charm to the films. While every actor in Batman’s character has its own takers, many will agree to the fact that Ben Affleck played the best part in the role.


Here’s why we think Ben Affleck (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) was the best one to play the role:

Here’s Why There Is No Better BATMAN Than Ben Affleck!
There’s No Batman Better Than Ben Affleck & We Give You 10 Reasons Why We Think So!

1) Right from the suit to the whole persona, Ben Affleck looks like a Batman coming right from the comic book. That’s something which makes him more relatable.

2) The character has been in the industry for decades now but in Dawn of Justice, we got to see the ‘Knight’ who is adapted to the modern era with some new technology and methods.

3) This Batman was never afraid of sharing screen space with other superheroes like Wonder Woman and others present in the film.

4) He believes in teamwork! Yes, he marched towards a common goal of taking on Man of Steel, along with other heroes.


5) With this version, we saw that our beloved hero strategizes everything before acting, which makes him smarter than his enemies.

6) Affleck rocked both the roles of Bruce Wayne as the costumed hero.

7) One of the factors that make Affleck more believable is that even as Bruce, he takes rigorous workout routines, which surely pays him off when he gets into his ‘Dark Knight’ shoes.

8) Affleck’s version is more realistic as he just doesn’t beat up his enemies, rather find out information by following a detective mode, which is Batman’s one of the important characteristics.

9) As we all know, Batman is the one who has gone through a lot of things in his life. His parents were murdered and also he suffered various traumas. Affleck’s versions showed us different shades in the persona, which made him believable.

10) And last but not the least, he’s truly an amazing fighter. Apart from all the superpower, a superhero needs to be an actual macho man and we got the same with this version.

Tell us in the comments section below about your favourite Batman actor.

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