The Office (US) Co-Stars Reunite: John Krasinski Directs, and Steve Carell Acts In Upcoming Movie 'IF'
The Office (US) Co-Stars Reunite: John Krasinski Directs, and Steve Carell Acts In Upcoming Movie ‘IF’ (Photo Credit – YouTube/IMDb)

During an interview with Total Film, John Krasinski, director of the upcoming live-action/animated fantasy comedy film “IF,” opened up about a touching moment he shared with Steve Carell on set. Krasinski described how Carell delivered a heartfelt speech praising his directing skills, which deeply moved Krasinski and reinforced his commitment to the project. Krasinski noted that while working with Carell was enjoyable, the most significant aspect was Carell’s genuine pride in his filmmaking efforts. Carell expressed his honor to be involved in the project and pledged his total dedication. Reflecting on the experience, Krasinski remarked, “So when I thought I would be laughing all day, I was crying all day.”

John Krasinski became famous for playing Jim Halpert in “The Office (U S)” with Carell‘s Michael Scott. The show was all about the funny stuff in an office in Scranton, Pennsylvania. People loved how John Krasinski and Carell worked together on screen. “The Office (U S)” got awards like five Emmys and a Golden Globe during its nine seasons. John Krasinski even brought his friend Randall Park from “The Office (U S)” to join the preview of “IF.”

In “IF,” Cailey Fleming plays Bea, who can see IFs, imaginary friends abandoned by the kids they helped. She finds out her neighbor, The Man Upstairs (played by Ryan Reynolds), shares this ability. Carell joined the cast 2022 two years after confirming Krasinski’s project. Carell voices Blue, a purple furry IF, while Krasinski has a mystery role.

Krasinski’s film “IF” highlights a stellar cast, with Fiona Shaw, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Emily Blunt, Sam Rockwell, Jon Stewart, and Matt Damon. Additionally, one of the late Oscar-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr.’s final projects before his passing on March 29 at 87 sees him playing a bear in “IF.”

“IF” just moved its premiere by a week to May 17, 2024, dodging a clash with Paramount’s SpongeBob SquarePants sequel set for May 24. This shift is all about boosting box office numbers and sidestepping competition with SpongeBob’s holiday 2024 release.

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