The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Shooting Resumes In Atlanta; WATCH
The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Shooting Resumes In Atlanta; WATCH

Good news! The filming of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has been reportedly resumed in Atlanta. The upcoming web television miniseries created for Disney+ by Malcolm Spellman is based on the Marvel Comics characters Sam Wilson aka Falcon and Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier.


Talking about the resumed filming, people have taken to social media sharing videos of what looks like some quick scenes being shot in the city. Some of the series’ stars had mentioned that they expected to start shooting soon.

A twitter user by the name Stannic Lawson posted a video of the resumed shooting of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on the microblogging site. He captioned it, “Marvel back to filming in Atlantic Station #Marvel #Falcon&WinterSoldier”


While talking about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier during a recent interview, Sebastian Stan aka Bucky Barnes said, “In a lot of ways, it felt like a movie. What I loved about it was that, tonally, it was very much in the same world that Captain America: The Winter Soldier was, which was one of my favorite experiences that I’ve ever had, period.”

Sebastian continued, “So, in a sense, it was grounded and very much in the world as we know it. But, it’s also really jam-packed with a lot of massive, massive action scenes mixed with deep focus on character. These characters are getting so much more mileage for all of us to explore them. We can put them in situations that we’ve never been able to put them in before because you now have six hours as opposed to two.”

How excited are you for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier? The web television miniseries is set to premiere later this year.

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