The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Nicole Kidman To Taylor Swift - Celebs Who Had Unimaginably Awkward Experiences
The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Nicole Kidman To Taylor Swift – Celebs Who Had Unimaginably Awkward Experiences

Trouble for Ellen DeGeneres ceases to end. The US host was under the scrutiny when her employees accused her of non-payment of dues. Pay cuts, mean behaviour, and toxic work environment allegations followed by. Even Everybody Loves Raymond star Brad Garrett made a comment that Ellen and her mistreatment of people is “common knowledge”.


Ever since then, there has been no stopping to the allegations levelled against Ellen by celebrities. But what fuelled the fire were staff and crew member of The Ellen DeGeneres Show seconding all claims of racism, sexual harassment and other claims made against the US host.


While The Ellen DeGeneres Show is light and fun, it seems to be a far thought when all these claims are taken into considerations. So while revisiting some old episodes of the show, we do realize that Ellen does have a streak at pushing people to the edge, not knowing when to let go and certainly does enjoy seeing people squirm. So here’s a list of celebrities who appeared as guests on her show and were plain open uncomfortable sitting on the couch opposite Ellen.

1. Taylor Swift:

There was a time when the singer’s love life was all over the place. While Taylor had tired her best to keep her calm she was made fun of for having multiple relationships. Now while this is a very personal choice, Ellen DeGeneres decided to take things the next level when she chose to play a game with Taylor on her show.

During this game, Ellen DeGeneres showed Taylor pictures of several male celebs and asked her to choose the people she had dated. While Taylor refused several times to play the game, Ellen refused to let go until the singer was almost in tears.

2. Hasan Minaj:

Amid all the claims that are being made against Ellen DeGeneres, racism is a very dominant one. And looks like the talk show host cum actress proved them right. When actor Hasan Minaj appeared on her show as a guest, she deliberately kept pronouncing his name wrong. But the actor seemed to have had it when Ellen said that everyone was pronouncing his name the way she did, Hasan said, “there’s an actor walking around called Ansel Elgort and we just pronounce his name right.”

Now that is mighty awkward, isn’t it?

3. Nicole Kidman:

The Nicole Kidman clap of the 2017 Oscars is something that is etched in the memory on almost everyone! But then who wants to talk about their most awkward moments on national TV? Well, Ellen DeGeneres for starters does not seem to care. In the absolutely cringe-worthy episode of the show, Ellen made sure that Nicole herself bought out that awkward clap. The Aquaman star defended herself saying, “You borrow these expensive jewels, and I’m like, ‘I must not damage these diamonds! Cause I have to give them back at midnight!’ And so I’m like, clapping.”

Now while these are just SOME of the awkward moments we came across on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, do let us know of any other moments you have seen in our comments section below.

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