Robert Pattinson Talks About The Batman
The Batman Starring Robert Pattinson Releases On March 4(Pic Credit: Youtube/Warner Bros. Pictures)

Everything about Robert Pattinson’s The Batman that marks his debut as the Cape Crusader is exciting enough to make it one of the most anticipated movies now. While we are exactly a fortnight away from the release of the Matt Reeves directorial, the buzz around it is being intensified with each passing day. While we already know that the movie is set far away from the ongoing DCEU continuity, what if we tell you Robert pitched a Bruce Wayne in PJs?

Well, we aren’t speculating. The Batman is a very fresh take, more of a detective story as defined by Pattinson, explores his life in Gotham just a year after he became Caped Crusader. The movie is set to be a darker telling of Bruce Wayne’s story and set to bring more than one archenemy of the Gotham saviour.



While of that seriousness and a dark story is packed in the movie that releases on March 4, Robert Pattinson now reveals that he pitched Bruce Wayne in PJs in one of the costume meetings. Of course that didn’t make it to the final output, read on to know everything you should.

As per Screenrant, Robert Pattinson while talking about the same said, “One of the first things that Matt said to me is that… he’s kind of inspired by Kurt Cobain, and I’m like, ‘Really?’ That’s kind of the opposite of what I imagined Bruce Wayne to be. And it’s funny, we had these kinds of first costume meetings – I wanted to go, like, really, really, really Kurt Cobain, and kind of wanted to wear like a dressing gown and kind of fluffy, like, Bugs Bunny slippers for the first… [Laughs] He’s like, kind of, really kind of grungy. And, uh, yeah, we tried that, it didn’t work at all.”

Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson is already talking about a possible The Batman trilogy in work. Tell us what do you have to say about Bruce Wayne in PJs? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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